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Dolphin Jubilee's Missing: Montaban's boyfriend plans to settle with her

Dolphin Jubilee’s Missing: Montaban’s boyfriend plans to settle with her

While working in Montaban, we saw a man looking at a dolphin jubilee before he disappeared. They have been in a relationship for a few months and they have been thinking about going together after their respective spouses split up.

He was last heard before the dolphin disappeared on the night of December 15, 16, 2020. D. The young nurse’s boyfriend has been talking to her regularly for 6 months.

We met him at his workplace in Montaban, where he assures us that “all of his colleagues knew of his relationship with the dolphin, and since December they have been giving him all the support.”

He is in his thirties, passionate about DIY and cars, wants to be polite “for his son, the dolphin”, and heal his grief by playing games and playing the piano.

A portrait very far from Cedric, in which D did not wish to comment. He says he is relieved that the investigation is developing “for truth, for relatives” and confirms that the evening of his disappearance, Delphine and he exchanged a long time before sending a photo. Go to bed ”just before 11pm. A deciding element in the investigation into the disappearance of the young woman.

D. He declined to give further details “so as not to interfere with the investigation” and said “his person does not need much in connection with the work of Delphine and Truth”.

They share the love of their profession

We understand that he especially wants to “wash” the honor of the nurse who has provided so many adventures on social networks.

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Through his depressed eyes, he can see a nice smile on the back of the mask, when he provokes the person he thought to settle “without rushing things”, whom he badly misses. “A shining person, full of great strength, intelligence and humor, very stuck in misspellings and took me with a small mistake.”

With the dolphin Jubilee, d. He shared the love of his profession and service to others. “She loved her job as a nurse, which is why she chose the old ward.”

D. Not wanting to reveal himself, he doesn’t want to say more, very politely dismissing us from his workplace. In a soft voice, he acknowledges that his doctrine is in the custody of Cedric Jubiller, his mother and his stepmother, who will eventually comment later on the case. But he still refuses to speculate on the mysterious disappearance of the 33-year-old nurse.

At the beginning of the investigation, the gender of the Toulouse Research Division was determined to be D.C. At the time of the incident, he was at his home near Montpellier in Torn-et-Coron.