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Dominic Patrol, JR's French voice in "Dallas", has died

Dominic Patrol, JR’s French voice in “Dallas”, has died

His voice will refer to the French audience who are fans of settling accounts against the backdrop of the Texas oil wells. Actor Dominic Patrell, dubbed for the role of JR Ewing DallasThe 1980s hit series, he passed away at the age of 90.

“My uncle died at Saint-Brieuc Hospital on Monday evening [Côtes-d’Armor]. He had been suffering from diabetes for some time and had to have body parts removed. His general condition has deteriorated recently.Said his son-in-law Loïc Paturel on Tuesday 1stThere is March. Funeral services will be held Friday at 2:30 pm in Portic (Coates-d’Armor). “Family cradle, where he will be buried”His nephew continued.

French voices by Michael Cain and Terence Hill

“He was also one of the last actors in the Jean Vilar movement [un metteur en scène illustre, fondateur du festival d’Avignon]. He had nearly 80 plays and about thirty films. He was part of this generation that knew how to do everything.Loïc Paturel adds.

But his uncle is well known to the general public for dubbing JR, a dishonest character who has become a cult figure from the American series. Dallas. “I was very lucky. Perhaps, thanks to the dubbing, I could have had this option of accepting or rejecting theater or television projects that did not suit me.He once said on the site Cinema lens.

Dominic Patrol dubbed for a hundred characters. He was the French voice of Michael Cain, Terence Hill, Robert Dowell, Frank Sinatra or Vittorio Cosman. You can also hear it in the French versions of such films The winner, Patton, Barry Lyndon, President’s Men, Elephant Man, Mad Max 2, Millennium And the number of iconic American series (Colombo, The Invaders, A-Team, Desperate Housewives2)

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Prior to that, he was a familiar face on the iconic screen in the 1960s and 1970s. The Night of Mason-Rouge Where D’Artagnan. In cinema, it was directed by renowned directors such as Christian-Jack, Andre Coyote or Philip de Proca.

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