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Donald Trump, American Politics | Trump’s Crazy World: -Most stupid comedic moment

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Watch all the moments in the video above and then decide for yourself!

Sunday, November 5, marks one full year since the US presidential election. There is a lot at stake, and everything indicates that there may be a rematch between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

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The online newspaper is gearing up for the election and is marking the occasion by reviewing the funniest clips from when Trump was president. Nettavisen political journalist Henrik Hildahl and editor Are Tågvold Flaten at show you legendary videos of Trump.

The first clip shows Trump welcoming a North Korean general. Then a somewhat comedic moment occurs.

– This is the general who would bomb if war broke out with North Korea, says Hildahl.

The following video clip shows Trump having a brief conversation with the press, before he is about to have a meal with Kim Jong Un. It seems that Trump managed to insult the North Korean leader.

– Was it a reference to Kim Jong Un’s weight? Heldahl asks

“I can imagine that’s something he says often,” Flaten says.

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The third clip shows Trump announcing to the American people the killing of the famous ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

– Flaten points out that it’s a surreal situation to sit and laugh at what he’s actually talking about.

– I would say this is one of the most iconic moments of Trump’s time as president, says Hildahl.

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Another ridiculous and surreal Trump moment was when the president intended to praise the Navajo Indians for their war efforts during World War II.

Suddenly, Trump began mocking Senator Elizabeth Warren (D), whom he called “Pocahontas.”

“Not suitable for that,” says Flaten.

The following video shows Trump talking to a 7-year-old boy about Santa Claus. His wife, Melania Trump, is also assigned to work and has to make a number of phone calls.

– He says this to those watching, not to the seven-year-old, says Flaten.

– It’s very contrived and fake. Flaten says this is especially evident with First Lady Melania, who is keenly aware that she is being photographed sitting on the phone and feigning interest.

The sixth video shows Trump trying to say “Puerto Rican” three times in a rap song with a Spanish accent. The serious background is that the Caribbean island recently suffered damage from Hurricane Maria.

– It’s completely ridiculous because it makes no sense. No one says it that way, Hildahl says.

Clip number seven shows Trump throwing supplies to hungry and crisis-hit hurricane victims in Puerto Rico.

– Hildahl says Trump totally cares.

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The eighth segment revolves around Trump offering the audience compliments from First Lady Melania Trump — “Who wishes you were there.” This is despite the fact that Melania is standing right next to him. The occasion is Hurricane Irma, which struck in 2017.

This is one of Trump’s most memorable and comedic moments, says Hildahl.

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The ninth verse of Thanksgiving. By tradition, the President of the United States must pardon the turkey. Trump seems to be enjoying himself.

– He was a celebrity before he ran for president. He’s been in show business, and here it shows. He seems to really enjoy it when he has to do something silly like pardon a turkey, Flaten says.

The last and tenth clip is about Trump describing how wet the water actually is. The occasion is Hurricane Florence, which struck the East Coast of the United States in 2018.

“He’s not the world champion at crisis communication,” Hildahl says.

– Maybe he needed a training course, Flaten says.

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