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Donald Trump claims he has the “full support” of Ron DeSantis

Donald Trump claims he has the “full support” of Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump were in conflict with each other as they were both vying to become the Republican presidential nominee.

Now Trump has won that battle, and according to him, he has DeSantis' full support.

Reports Watchman Which refers to Washington Post.

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I played golf

According to a post on Trump's social media site, Truth Social, the two former rivals were supposed to meet for breakfast and a round of golf in Florida on Sunday.

“I am very pleased to have the full and enthusiastic support of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. We had a great meeting yesterday hosted by our mutual friend Steve Witkoff at the beautiful Shell Bay Club in Hollywood, Florida.

Witkoff, an investor, is a friend and donor to the Trump campaign. He was also a witness for the former president in his civil trial in New York for business fraud.

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He will not be vice president

The relationship between the rivals has long been frosty.

During the nomination battle, offensive words were heard from both camps. DeSantis called Trump “unelectable,” while Trump, in his characteristic style, called his rival a nickname. The choice fell on “Ron DeSanctimonious”, as Trump believed DeSantis was a hypocrite.

After Ron DeSantis withdrew from the nomination race and supported Trump's candidacy, the latter announced that he would shelve the title.

But although DeSantis has thrown his support behind Trump as the Republican presidential nominee, he has previously said he does not want to be named as Trump's vice presidential nominee.

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It remains uncertain who Trump's vice presidential nominee will be.

DeSantis himself appears to be hoping to run for president again in 2028.