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Donald Trump demands immunity: promises 'strong message'

Donald Trump demands immunity: promises 'strong message'

NEW YORK (VG) Donald Trump appears in court in Washington, DC. He is demanding immunity for things that happened while he was president.


As you read this, I'm on my way to court in Washington, D.C. to fight for my rights, which “Crook Joe” and his private investigators are trying to take away from me.»

That's what former President Donald Trump, 77, wrote in an email to VG and others on his email list on Monday morning local time.

Trump says he will appear in federal court with a “strong message” on behalf of the 74 million patriots who Trump says make up his political movement in the United States.

Trump will have to appear in court often this winter. He is accused in four different employee cases, in addition to several civil law cases.

This is happening at the same time he is trying to become the Republican Party's presidential nominee in November's election — which he is the candidate most likely to do, despite all the charges and the risk of prison.

The case filed in D.C. on Monday concerns Trump's request for immunity.

He believes he should avoid standing trial on charges of inciting a mob to storm Congress on the eve of his presidency.

He is also accused of trying to overturn the results of the 2020 election in his favor by claiming that Joe Biden's win was “rigged.”

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If Trump wins, it will set a precedent that US presidents cannot be impeached.

Trump claims that all legal measures taken against him are a political witch hunt, as President Joe Biden and his men are pursuing him. Trump uses this point very actively in his election campaign.

They wrongfully arrested me four times, took a picture of me in prison, forced me off the campaign trail and into a courtroom for senseless trials, illegally removed my name from the ballot, gagged and censored me, and tried to imprison me for life as they did. An innocent man, even trying to kill our family business” Trump claims in an email to VG.