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Donald Trump - - How disdainful is Donald Trump?

Donald Trump – – How disdainful is Donald Trump?

NEW YORK (Dagbladet): Schumer has brought a power ointment to the Senate floor in an effort to persuade his fellow Republicans to open a debate on the universal suffrage bill, which Democrats want. Trump’s repeated lies in particular that the presidential election was stolen from him are what annoyed Schumer.

– He lied over and over again. “He poisoned our democracy and fired a shot at the Republican state legislatures that immediately launched the most comprehensive effort to suppress voting rights in at least 80 years,” Schumer said. hill He adds:

Big lie

How disdainful is Donald Trump? Lost a legitimate option. He fails to deal with it, and that’s his fault, and he creates a lie, a big lie, and wins over a lot of people to back that lie with the help of the media and other commentators, who also lie, and they know. The.

Congressional Storm: Chuck Schumer, of the Democratic Party, was forced to flee the protesters. Video: AP
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On Tuesday, the Senate will vote on whether they want to debate a bill for the people. So far, all 50 Republican senators have opposed the bill. The goal of the new law is to facilitate voting in the United States. At the same time, Republican elected officials in a number of states are fighting hard to limit their ability to vote.

Schumer read several proposals from the Republican-led state councils.

Does he sound like Jim Crow (apartheid laws in the Southern States newspaper), my fellow Republicans? It really does for many of us. Schumer says of Republican senators that the big lie, which began with Donald Trump, has infected them.

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According to the law, voters will be registered automatically, all states must allow at least 15 days of advance voting, restrictions on voting by mail will be removed, and an end to so-called district distribution manipulation. In addition, the law attempts to make it more transparent who donates money to different candidates.

Strict criticism: Senator Chuck Schumer longed for Donald Trump’s behavior after the election defeat. Video: AP
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This is a disastrous proposal

At the same time, Republican elected officials in nearly every state introduced nearly 400 bills in 2021 to abolish the post-vote system, introduce stricter rules about identity, reduce opportunities for pre-voting, and make voting more difficult, he writes. independent.

They made it clear by overwhelming majority that the real driving force behind the law is the desire to permanently rig the rules in US elections. That’s why the Senate will not give any space to this disastrous proposal, says Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, according to The Hill.