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Donald Trump, Joe Biden |  Donald Trump's shock is a sharp decline for Biden

Donald Trump, Joe Biden | Donald Trump’s shock is a sharp decline for Biden

Joe Biden’s Horror Story: Now he’s doing worse than Donald Trump.

New York (Netavision): Joe Biden doesn’t have the right focus.

In a recent poll, President Joe Biden received clear and unmistakable comments from Americans that he is not focusing enough on what are the United States’ biggest problems.

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He doesn’t have the right focus

that it CNN Who is behind the poll, which is by no means good news for the president who won the election exactly one year ago. According to the poll, as many as 58 percent of those surveyed believe Biden did not have enough focus on the country’s biggest problems. In addition, there are also the majority of respondents who believe that the president is not doing a good job.

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36 percent of those surveyed think the economy is now the biggest challenge in the US, and of those, as many as 72 percent think Biden hasn’t focused on the right things.

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On the other hand, when it comes to the epidemic, people’s opinions are the opposite. Twenty percent of those surveyed think epidemics are the most important, as many as 72 percent think Biden had the right focus, and only 21 percent think he prioritized the wrong.

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When it comes to who thinks Biden is doing well overall, 48 percent now think he’s doing a good job, while 52 percent think he’s not doing well.

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Scores less than Trump

Those who think Biden is doing too well are now down to just 15 percent, compared to 34 percent in April. According to CNN, that number is staggering.

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Although CNN doesn’t ask how much they like the president in every poll, that number never dropped below 20 percent during Barack Obama’s presidency or Donald Trump, writes CNN.

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The number who think Biden is doing very badly, as mentioned, is 36 percent, the same number that CNN requested in April.

According to CNN, this suggests that the decline in those who believe Biden is doing a bad job was driven by disillusionment among Biden’s original supporters, rather than from this particular group.

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The sting reaches a new bottom

In another measure, from USA TODAYWhen Biden hits a new bottom, he knows it Only 37.8% think it does a good job.

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In addition, nearly half of those surveyed, 46 percent, believe Biden did a worse job than they expected, including 16 percent of those who voted for him, according to USA Today.

You don’t want Biden to be reelected?

In the same poll, nearly two-thirds of those surveyed, 64 percent, said they did not want Biden to run for president again in 2024. Of those, 28 percent are Democrats.

As for Donald Trump, 58 percent of respondents do not want Trump to run for re-election as a presidential candidate.

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The poll also shows that more Republicans than Democrats say they will vote for their candidate in next year’s by-election, according to USA Today.

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This balance of power bodes well for Republican hopes for a majority in both the House and Senate in next year’s by-election.

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To get a majority, Republicans only need to have five more seats in the Senate and just one more in the House, which would make it difficult for President Joe Biden to pass his bills.

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Biden: Listen now

President Biden answers the following when he faced only 37.8 percent support in USA Today.

Now listen, the survey I saw before I got into the studio also showed the numbers went down, but it was 48 percent versus 52 percent. But listen, the point is, I didn’t run because of these polls, says Biden in an interview with the TV channel WKRC-TV i Cincinnati.

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Biden claims that his crisis package, called “Building Back Better,” will now have a major impact on Americans’ lives.

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according to Fox News Biden also claims that the poor numbers are similar to those received by both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama when they were president. In addition, Biden claims that people are concerned about the Corona virus and high gasoline prices.

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Biden: – Very worried

– I don’t think the president has to decide what to do with … listen here … a lot of people are worried now. You have to keep that in mind. About 750,000 people have died so far as a result of the Corona virus. Just think of the psychological scars this has caused to so many people. Many schools also haven’t opened because of this, Biden says in an interview with WKRC-TV.

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We are in a situation where there is a lot of anxiety. Gasoline prices have risen dramatically. That’s why I once asked the attorney general to investigate whether these oil companies are taking advantage of people and taking too much money, Biden says.

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Biden: – Create six million jobs

Biden is also trying to highlight the change in the job market after he became president.

“Even though we’ve created nearly six million jobs since you started, we’re in a situation where people don’t feel it, I mean they don’t feel it now, they don’t feel it,” Biden says.

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It also points to the failures in the supply chain failures that now characterize global trade.

One of the supply chain problems is that because of the coronavirus, you’re running short of materials, in everything from food to semiconductors. Biden says a large portion of these supplies enter our country through our ports.

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Trump: – They should be ashamed

For his part, former President Donald Trump is very disappointed that Biden got the $1,200 billion infrastructure package, especially to Republicans who voted for it. to me The New York Times They were 13 Republicans who voted for the crisis package.

They should be ashamed, says Donald Trump in one of them statment.

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