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Donald Trump, Joe Biden |  Former Trump ally: – Not smart enough to become a dictator

Donald Trump, Joe Biden | Former Trump ally: – Not smart enough to become a dictator

– He's a real estate developer, damn it!

This is what American John Bolton (75 years old) says to the French newspaper Le Figaro. Bolton served as a security advisor to Donald Trump during his previous presidency, but was also a US ambassador to the United Nations in the past.

The 75-year-old is now one of Trump's strongest critics and goes so far as to say his former boss also does not have the mental capacity to become a dictator.

– He also says that he is not smart enough to become a dictator.

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Admire authoritarian leaders

The background to these statements is that many fear what will happen to democracy in the United States of America, if Trump wins the elections scheduled for November 5 of this year.

Trump recently visited Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban at Mar-a-Lago in Florida. Trump is often accused of looking up to authoritarian leaders such as Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Viktor Orban, and Kim Jong Un.

Everything he does is episodic, anecdotal, and transactional. All of this is conditional on the question of whether he benefits from it or not. If his first four years are bad, the next four will be worse, Bolton says.

This is how countries did it Economists Democracy rating (scoring system from 0 to 10):

China: 148th place with a score of 2.12.

Hungary: 50th with a score of 6.72.

Russia: 144th place with a score of 2.22.

North Korea: 165th place with a score of 1.08.

United States: 29th place with a score of 7.85.

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Norway: first place with a score of 9.81.

In last place (No. 167) came Afghanistan with a score of 0.26.

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He rejects the dictator's plans

Despite the concerns, Trump has previously stated that he has no plans to become a dictator.

In response to a question from a Fox News correspondent, Trump said that he would not be a dictator until his first day as president, if elected. He says he wants to use his power to close the border with Mexico, as well as expand oil drilling, and then stop being a dictator and become president instead.

Both current President Joe Biden and Donald Trump won their parties' nomination elections and are running as presidential candidates.

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