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Donald Trump, Politics |  Donald Trump's sabotage:

Donald Trump, Politics | Donald Trump’s sabotage:

Donald Trump does not get peace.

New York (online newspaper): former president Donald Trump This week came with news that he will be launching his own social network.

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Trump will lead the Truth Social

The new platform is named Truth Social and is owned by the newly created Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), which will be led by Trump himself.

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But just hours after its launch, the network was hacked by a group known as “Anonymous”.

they say The New York Times They hacked the social network and created fake accounts on Trump’s side.

On Trump’s social network, they also left picture that showed pig feces.

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The ‘War on Hate’ on the Internet

– We enjoyed walking this one to Heaven, Anonymous hacker Aubrey Cottle tells the newspaper.

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In addition to Trump, hackers also created fake accounts for Steve Bannon, conspiracy theorist Ron Watkins, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. from the inside.

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The hackers also told the New York Times that it did so as part of their “war on hate” on the Internet.

Just hours after news of Trump’s new social network surfaced, TMTG developers blocked the ability to create new accounts and closed the beta page, Insider writes.

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Trump: – To resist “tyranny”

According to Donald Trump, he is launching a platform to resist the “tyranny” of tech giants.

“We live in a world where the Taliban has a huge presence on Twitter, while your favorite President of the United States is being silenced,” Trump said Wednesday night.

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TMTG has merged with technology company Digital World Acquisition Corp to be listed on the exchange, according to a press release from TMTG.

The new social media will be available in beta for specially invited guests from November. The trial version is a computer program that is still under development.

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The plan is for TMTG to also start a subscription-based streaming service.

– I’m glad to be able to post my first fact (the truth) on TRUTH Social soon. TMTG was formed to be able to give a voice to everyone, Trump says.

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accused of lying

Trump was fired from a number of social media after storming Congress on January 6 of this year. The reason is that he was accused of inciting the storm and spreading lies that the presidential election was characterized by fraud.

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Since the exclusion, he has considered launching his own social platform. In May, he tried to submit a blog on his website, but the attempt was unsuccessful and stopped after a short time.

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Before his ban, Trump had 88 million followers on Twitter. Many of them believe he has the sincerity that other politicians lack.

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Trump hacked – a published Islamic message

Also on Monday, Donald Trump was hacked, when an Islamic message was posted on one of his websites.

Turkish hacker RootAyildiz is suspected of being behind the hack. A message in Turkish was published on the site, calling for God not to forget the Arabic name of God.

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The site returned to normal later Monday, with a photo of Trump outside the White House and a headline asking for donations.

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The Turkish hacker was also accused of hacking into President Joe Biden’s website during last fall’s election campaign.

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