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Donald Trump, Polytech |  Donald Trump:

Donald Trump, Polytech | Donald Trump:

– We have big problems.

New York (Netavision): This is what the current book says Donald Trump in a new interview with him Newsmax.

What they did should never be forgotten

Our country has big, really big problems. We must not forget what they did to our country. We’ve never seen a day like this before, Trump said in the interview, with President Joe Biden and Democrats so clear speech.

Listen to the interview below:

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Trump’s comments came in connection with the Spicer & Associates program. Trump was invited as a guest, among others, to promote his new book around the coffee table, Our Journey Together, which consists of photos from the Trump White House period.

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Trump: – These are just lies

During the interview, Trump encountered a oppslag in the Washington Post Biden is reported to receive more negative media coverage than Donald Trump when he was president.

“Well, these are just lies and they still lie,” Trump said.

This is the largest witch hunt in history. “I’ve been under investigation since the day I went down the elevator,” Trump said, referring to the hearing he announced his candidacy for president in New York.

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The interview also shows that Trump himself is very happy with what he has achieved as president.

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– What happened was shameful. But despite that, we’ve done more than almost any other president in history, Trump says.

In the interview, Trump attacks, among other things, US immigration policy, and says in the interview that “our country is being invaded”.

There are millions of people streaming into the country uncontrolled. Trump told Newsmax they are destroying our country.

Trump: – The biggest crime in history

Trump also takes advantage of the occasion to describe Biden’s inauguration as president, “the biggest crime in history.”

They got away with something that is, in my opinion, the greatest crime in history.

— and instead of going after Antifa, and BLM (Black Lives Matter), all those people who took so many other lives, who set cities on fire and wreaked havoc — instead they go after the people who protested the elections, Trump says.

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The former President hereby refers to everyone who was arrested after the storming of Congress on January 6 this year.

Trump: – They shot her and killed her

Trump also expressed outrage at the fact that Ashley Babbitt, Trump’s advocate, was killed inside the Capitol against the backdrop of the storm. Trump believes the cop who shot Babbitt easily evaded Democrats and the police.

– They killed Ashley Babbitt. They shot and killed her, and there was no reason for that, Trump says.

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If the opposite had happened, we’d be watching the experiments on TV by now, and the guy who did it wouldn’t stand a chance, says Trump.

– This guy here can’t get out fast enough. Trump says he couldn’t get out any faster to tell us how he shot an unarmed young woman.

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– They killed Ashley Babbitt and the guy who died. No one else died on January 6. Trump said in the interview that it was the person who died, so it’s very shameful what happened.

600 were indicted and five were killed

About 600 people from 40 states around the United States have been charged or indicted in connection with the anti-Congress riots.

What Trump did not say in the interview is that a total of five people died during the January 6 riots.

Four police officers who were on duty that day were killed later.

Trump’s book costs 2,000 crowns

Trump’s new book, which went on sale Tuesday, and according to NewsMax, is pre-ordered at 100,000 copies.

A signed copy of the book, which costs about 2,000 crowns, has already been sold out.

But this is not a diary from Trump, but a picture book, the so-called coffee table book.

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Trump has yet to sign with a publisher to write his memoirs from his time in the White House.

Politico’s publisher told Politico that Trump might be afraid to get less progress on the book than Obama did, so Trump could decide to publish the book himself.

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“What I doubt is that Trump will publish the book himself because he won’t be humiliated by getting an advance lower than what he got, or before someone finds out that the advance is less than what Obama,” the publisher says. Politico.

Obama received 540 million crowns

Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, each received $60 million, or about $540 million, each from Penguin Random House for the rights to their books.

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Barack Obama’s ‘Promised Land’ sold out too much Three million copies.

Although it is a very good sales number, it lags far behind his wife Michelle Obama. Her book “Becoming” sold well More than eight million copies After it was introduced in 2018.

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Trump: – You won’t believe it

As for Newsmax, Trump revealed that he is writing a book and that there is a very high interest among publishers.

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– You won’t believe how great the attention is. And we’re going to sell more books than anyone else, Trump says.

Watch Trump talk about his upcoming book here: