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Donald Trump rally in Iowa creates reactions

Donald Trump rally in Iowa creates reactions

Donald Trump stormed Iowa, and according to Polls The former president is now more popular than ever in the state.

When Trump visited the Midwest this weekend and attended a rally, he once again shot Joe Biden and Democrats. Unfounded allegations of his victory in the presidential election are back again, and promises and hints have been given about what to do in the country, despite the fact that he has not yet presented himself as a Republican presidential candidate.

– Most disturbing of all

Trump’s meeting with Iowa residents prompted Brigadier General Obaidullah to respond. He is a former attorney and radio host for “The Dean Obeidallah Show” on SiriusXM.

“Trump has attended several rallies since storming Congress on January 6 this year, but Saturday’s Iowa rally is the most disturbing demonstration for Trump ever,” Obaidullah wrote in an article for the Guardian newspaper. CNN.

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There was a lot going on in Iowa when the former president took the podium. Photo: Rachel Mamie/Reuters

The rally was attended by several prominent Republicans, including Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, House of Representatives Marianette Miller Mix and Ashley Henson.

This is what makes Obaidullah react.

“Some of the same people, who only nine months ago criticized Trump for his role in the anti-Congressional riots, were now only happy to watch them march to show support for him,” Obeidallah wrote.

This is politics at its worst and most dangerous in terms of our democracy.

Grassley has turned around

God’s servants call Chuck Grassley the greatest hypocrite of them all. When he stormed Congress on January 6, security personnel escorted Grassley. In retrospect, he voted to approve the presidential election, and criticized everyone who questioned the outcome of the election.

But Obaidullah now thinks Grassley has taken a turn, something Trump got. On Saturday, Trump stated that he will give Grassley his full support when he nominates the senator again for re-election in Iowa in 2022, he writes. Internet newspaper.

The senator himself stated that he wouldn’t be very smart if he didn’t get that support from someone who has the support of 91 percent of all Iowa’s Republican voters.

Hard against Biden – again

Biden was allowed to lead during Trump’s 90-minute address, in which the incumbent, among other things, was accused of bringing the country to the brink of collapse. In addition, Trump addressed Biden’s handling of the pandemic and the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Iowa polls show Trump has 53% support for Biden’s 45.

– We’ll take America back. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Trump said we should send the radical left a message they will never forget.