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Donald Trump Rejects Criticizing Putin – NRK Urix – Foreign News & Documentaries

Donald Trump Rejects Criticizing Putin – NRK Urix – Foreign News & Documentaries

Donald Trump criticized Europe and did not say whether he believed Russian President Vladimir Putin was a war criminal, when he participated in an interview on CNN Thursday night.

“Vladimir Putin made a mistake when he went to Ukraine, but he wouldn’t have done it if I were president,” Trump said.

He did not say whether he supports Ukraine or Russia or whether Putin is a war criminal.

But presidential candidate Trump said he could end the war in less than a day if he is re-elected.

“If I were president, I would want to fix that war in one day, 24 hours,” Trump said.

Eirik Løkke is a consultant at Civita.

Photo: Tobias Broch Simonsen

Eric Locke, a consultant at the Civita think tank, thinks Trump appears authoritarian.

– sAs Trump shows in this questioning, he is a direct threat to American democracy, says Locke.

He believes Trump’s statements are worse than ever.

By again denying that he lost the 2020 election, and refusing to say whether he supports Ukraine or Russia, Donald Trump appears as a threat to American democracy.

Trump was careful not to criticize Putin, but he did criticize Europe and NATO.

– We give away a lot of equipment. We don’t have enough ammunition for ourselves. We are being taken advantage of again. This would not have happened to me as president. Trump said before providing figures on how much he thinks Putin knows, and that the United States and European Union countries have spent in Ukraine.

Attacks and spreading lies

Trump has shown once again that he has no interest in telling the truth or being politically correct.

There were quick interruptions to the CNN program as presenter Caitlan Collins and voters from New Hampshire questioned Trump.


It was host Caitlan Collins who grilled Trump on Thursday night. Pictured here in 2018.

Photo: AP

At one point, the former boss called Collins “disgusting”. I had a hard time trying to interrupt Trump every time he said something that wasn’t true.

In the first part of the program, it was about the storming of Congress, which took place on January 6, 2021.

A voter in the room asked if Trump would pardon those who had been sentenced to prison for their role in the break-in.

– Yes, I will pardon many of them. I’m not trying to justify anything. But if I am elected, I will pardon many of those who have been convicted. They are living in hell now. I can’t say every one, because two of them may have lost controlAnd Trump said.

He also called the police officer who shot protester Ashley Babbitt inside Congress as she was breaking into the criminal. It provokes strong reactions.

Lökke believes it illustrates Trump’s lack of a democratic mindset.

DrIt’s strange to see the Republican Party, which has always been a staunch proponent of the police, describe a policeman in this way by Trump, says Eric Locke.

Journalists attend a CNN program with former US President Donald Trump at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire on May 10, 2023.

Journalists attend a CNN program with former US President Donald Trump at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire on May 10, 2023.

Photo: AFP

CNN is receiving criticism

The CNN public meeting took place at Saint Anselm College in the small northeastern US state of New Hampshire. Voters there are among the first to vote in an election for the nomination in the United States.

The event, which was announced last week, caused an uproar because Trump has not been on such a program on CNN since 2016. Critics said it was wrong to give him such a platform.

Use it to make a number of false claims.

Among other things, when he once again claimed to have won the 2020 election.

We got more votes than anyone else as president in the United States. If you weren’t so stupid, you would understand that the election was rigged. Trump said that people around the world understood that.

– Do you want to stop talking about the polarization in electoral fraud in this election campaign, one of the attendees asked.

– Yes, we just have to win again and fix the country, Trump answered.

I think this broadcast reflects how polarized the United States is, and the deep struggle between liberals and conservatives, between Republicans and Democrats, says Locke and continues:

If you support Trump, you think this was as good as CNN did and Trump did it great. If you’re a Democrat, you’re critical of CNN giving him a platform and you’re very critical of the things Trump has said.

No idea who the woman is

On Tuesday, Trump was found guilty of sexually assaulting writer and journalist E. Jean Carroll. An incident said to have occurred in 1996. A New York jury ordered him to pay more than $5 million in damages to it, the equivalent of about NOK 50 million.

– I swear on my children. I have no idea who this woman is. When asked about the ruling, Trump replied, “This is a fake story.”

Ha added that E.J. Carroll’s husband is a nice guy.

E. Jean Carroll on his way out of a courtroom in Manhattan, New York.

Writer and journalist Donald Trump has been accused of rape. A New York jury found Trump guilty of assault and defamation.

Photo: Seth Wenig/AP

Trump announced that he would appeal the ruling. He describes the entire civil suit as one big witch hunt.

When asked what he would say to someone who believes a sexual assault conviction would disqualify him from holding the office of the presidency, he said only:

– Not much, because my support just increased.

Trump continued to recuse him from all legal action against him.

In New York, he was accused, among other things, of paying bribes to porn actor Stormy Daniels, as well as having financial irregularities in his company.

After this became known, his campaign raised NOK 40 million in just 24 hours. The Trump campaign sent several emails requesting campaign contributions after the ruling was handed down in New York this week.

The Trump campaign hopes to raise more millions after Tuesday’s ruling.

It is believed that Trump will give Ukraine to Russia

Donald Trump has not appeared on CNN since 2016.

Trump says CNN made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, which is why he ran. On his social media platform, he also claimed that CNN is “desperate to get Trump’s stellar ratings again.”

In the United States, many people are reacting strongly to what Trump said live on Thursday night (Norwegian time).

Screenshot from Twitter where ex-president friend and ex-adviser Chris Christie, who is considering running as a Republican presidential candidate himself, tweeted this: - Donald Trump said he would stop the war in Ukraine in 24 hours.  As crazy as I would say something like that, I suspect he will end the war by giving Ukraine to Putin and Russia.
Photo: screenshot from Twitter

Trump’s statements about Ukraine shocked me the most.

A friend and advisor to former President Chris Christie, who is considering running for the Republican presidential nomination himself, tweeted:

Donald Trump says he will stop the war in Ukraine within 24 hours. As crazy as I would say something like that, I suspect he will end the war by giving Ukraine to Putin and Russia.

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