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Donald Trump seals the general who called China a traitor and an idiot

Donald Trump seals the general who called China a traitor and an idiot

On June 1, 2020, Donald Trump escorted a series of government summits over Lafayette Park in the White House to a chapel. It is said that General Mark Milley felt he was being taken advantage of in a political photo session.

A book about President Donald Trump’s last tenure in the White House made a lot of waves.

On January 8, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi called US Defense Secretary Mark Milley. This was two days after the storming of Congress. She wanted to see if an unstable president could be prevented from starting a nuclear war.

– he’s crazy. “You know he’s crazy,” she said to the general.

He must have agreed.

called China

The information appears in a new book: Danger. in norwegian: Rent. Written by two veteran journalists: Bob Woodward and Robert Costa for The Washington Post.

The book is now causing a stir. There are two things in particular that spark riots:

  1. Milley held a meeting with the defense chiefs. There they were reminded that only the chief could order the attack, but that he himself – the chief of defense – must also be involved. He looked into everyone’s eyes and asked if they understood.
  2. It is said that Mielle twice quietly called his Chinese counterpart, General Li Zuqing. The intent was to emphasize that the United States had no plans to attack China. The first conversation took place a few days before the US elections. The second was on January 8th.
General Mark Milley meets the Chinese general in Zucheng, Beijing in 2016. Phone conversations now between the two are causing an uproar.

Democracy sometimes rots

According to the book, Lee was reassured for the first time. Then it is said that China fears an attack in the South China Sea. In that conversation, Mielle was said to have said that he would notify me in advance.

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After the storming of the US Congress, Defense Chief Milley was said to have struggled even more to persuade the Chinese.

– We are 100% stable. All is well. But Milley said democracy can be messy at times.

Trump: traitor

Donald Trump does not underestimate these allegations. in a statment He describes the defense chief as an idiot – “stupid”. He also believes that Mielle is a traitor if the book is true.

“Actions must be taken immediately against Milley,” Trump said.

The former president says on the channel Newsmax He has demeaned people who think this is treason. He believes Milley will distract from the “incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan”.

In November, Alexander Vindman testified at the Ukraine review of Donald Trump.

Vindman: Very dangerous

Several Trump supporters also moved against Milley. However, Trump also received support from unexpected quarters. Alexander Vindman is a retired lieutenant colonel. In the fall of 2019, he testified in the investigation against Trump over Ukraine, and the president mocked him. in a message on Twitter Vindman gives Trump the right.

– If this is true, General Mielle should resign, Vindman believes.

The general is believed to have “broken the sacred principle of civilian control of the army”.

It sets a very dangerous precedent. You can’t get away with it, says Vindman.

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He was smuggled out of the Soviet Union when he was three years old. Today, he thanked his father at Trump’s hearing.

Many have heard of China’s talks

White House spokeswoman Karen Jean-Pierre was asked about the issue on Tuesday. She did not respond, referring to the Defense Staff and the Pentagon.

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Fox News National Security Correspondent received the following Explanation From Military Tops:

Milley did not attempt to change the lines of command for nuclear attacks. He just wanted to make sure everyone knew what role they were playing and what they weren’t. The purpose, after the conversation with Pelosi, was to review the procedures.

As for talks with China behind Trump’s back, dozens of people are said to be connected. The transcripts should then have been distributed to US intelligence. After storming Congress, Milley also called on several Allied nations to reassure them.

– sick and crazy

Trump also denied he had plans to launch an attack.

– For the record, I didn’t even think of attacking China – and China knows that. The people who invented this are sick and crazy. The people who post it are just as bad. In fact, I am the only president in decades who has not engaged the United States in a war. Trump says it’s a well-known and rarely mentioned fact.

Draws lines from 1974

The book highlights an incident from 1974. At the time, Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger spoke with military leaders. They were told to review it and the staff before carrying out President Richard Nixon’s orders.

Nixon was then tried in the so-called Watergate scandal, but resigned before the case was presented. One of the authors of the book DangerBy the way, Bob Woodward was one of the journalists behind the revelation at the time.