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Donald Trump slaughters Biden's bipartisan immigration deal

Donald Trump slaughters Biden's bipartisan immigration deal

The Republican Party has recently intensified its criticism of Democrats and President Joe Biden. Republicans describe the situation along the border with Mexico as an invasion of migrants that Biden is failing to deal with.

A new agreement to address some of the problems was under development in the Senate with bipartisan support, but the agreement now appears to be under threat in the House after pressure from Donald Trump, he wrote. Newsweek.

– As leader of our party, there is no chance that I will support this atrocious, open-border betrayal against America. It will not happen, and I will fight it until the end,” Trump said about the deal on Saturday, according to the report. POLITICO.

Many interpret these statements as an attempt to stop the Democrats' victory on the border issue so that Trump and the Republicans can exploit the situation in the South in the election campaign.

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– Oh, just kidding

Now, Republican Senator James Lankford has criticized his party colleagues for opposing the agreement. He denies to Fox News that the proposal will increase the number of immigrants.

– It is interesting that Republicans did not give money to Ukraine, Israel and our southern border four months ago because we demanded policy changes. So we stood together and said: “We're not going to give you money for this, we want to change the law.” And now, a few months later, when we finally get to the end, they say, 'Oh, just kidding, I actually don't want to change the law because of the presidential election this year,'” Lankford says.

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The senator from Oklahoma led Republicans' work on the bipartisan agreement.

More revelations

The agreement itself has not yet been made public, but many of its contents were revealed last week, Politico writes.

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Biden claims the deal will give his administration the ability to turn away migrants at border crossings.

This will not apply to migrants who appear to be fleeing persecution or torture, and it will still be possible to apply for asylum at permitted border crossings.

The final legal text of the agreement has not yet been finalized.