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Donald Trump, Stormy Daniels |  Pictures of the fake Trump went viral on the Internet

Donald Trump, Stormy Daniels | Pictures of the fake Trump went viral on the Internet

Last weekend, former President Donald Trump said he would likely be arrested and charged in New York this week. At the same time, Trump urged his supporters to protest if he was arrested.

Trump is under investigation by New York prosecutors for paying so-called hush money to a porn star.

In recent days, a number of photos have surfaced on social media apparently showing the former president being arrested by the NYPD.

However, the images are fabricated Posted by Eliot Higginswho is the founder of the drilling site Bellingcat.

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Higgins says he used Midjourney, an artificial intelligence program, to make the images. Midjourney is a tool that generates and builds images based on text commands.

– Midjourney is one of many systems with artificial intelligence, and here it relies on machine learning, which analyzes a lot of existing text, images, video and audio, and uses these existing materials to produce and build something completely new, says partner in the consulting firm from UT, Torger Waterhouse, to netavizn.

The system is based on learning through analysis. In the language engine, the AI ​​can, for example, analyze lots of text and predict appropriate next words, he says.

Trump has three legs

Higgins speaks News agency That one of Trump’s photos is based on the following text command: “Donald Trump falls while under arrest. Fibonacci spiral. News photo.”

– Photos of Trump’s arrest show just how good and bad Medjourney is at reproducing real scenes. In the first photo, Higgins wrote, “Trump has three legs and a police harness.” News agency.

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However, many of the images have been further posted to other social platforms, without including the important context of images that have already been generated by an AI program.

—I assumed people would understand that Trump has two legs, not three, but there was clearly no impediment to some people passing it off as real, highlighting the inability to think critically in our education system, Higgins writes.

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Waterhouse says the images of Trump are a good example of how artificial intelligence can be misused to construct or create a reality or reality that does not exist.

There are negative consequences to this technology, says Waterhouse.

— that could challenge the way we’re used to documenting things, whether when it comes to news, court cases or investigations. At the same time, this is something people have been doing for a long time. People have always built realities in both the visual arts and literature, he says.

– The more we succeed in producing with simple means that seem real to people, the more important it is to build them through transparency, openness and honesty, says Waterhouse.

– Can anyone make such fake photos of Trump?

– Yes, anyone can theoretically do it now. But it’s like all the tools, skills and experience required to use these tools. And over time, these tools become more accessible, as with all technology, Waterhouse says.

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Trump can be impeached

A grand jury in Manhattan, New York, will soon decide whether to indict Trump in the so-called “Hash Money” case.

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The gist of the matter is that Trump paid the so-called hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels a few weeks before the presidential election in 2016. The amount is said to be $130,000, which is roughly equivalent to NOK 1.4 million.