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Donald Trump - The Struggle Against Republican Enemies

Donald Trump – The Struggle Against Republican Enemies

NEW YORK (Dagbladet): Republicans hope to regain control of both the House and Senate in 2022. Now they are pouring in massive amounts of money from donors.

In total, House Republicans and Democrats have $128 million (about $1,088 million). That’s more than double what it was at the same time before the 2020 election. The most famous members of Congress now raise about $1 million (about 8.5 million crowns) every quarter, he writes The New York Times.

Videos: Former President Donald Trump paid tribute to one of his supporters who died during the storming of Congress in January. Photo: Twitter/Ford Fisher
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power struggle

At the same time, there is a fierce struggle for power within the Republican Party. Former United States President Donald Trump was prosecuted for his role in the January 6 deadly attack on Congress.

Few Republicans voted to impeach and convict him. The most famous of them is Liz Cheney, who was later disqualified from her leadership role in the party. Trump is now doing everything he can to support opponents.

So far, the latest figures, which politicians must submit to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), show that four Republican lawmakers, who voted to impeach or convict Trump, have raised far more money than their Trump opponents have supported him. . Writing CNN.

summer storage

Cheney and two other lawmakers, Jaime Hera Butler and Fred Upton, felt Trump’s wrath after agreeing with Democrats to impeach Trump.

attacks: President Donald Trump launches a direct attack on George W. Bush after this speech. Photo: Mandel Ngan/AFP, Evelyn Hochstein/Reuters
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Senator Lisa Murkowski was one of seven Republican senators who voted to convict Trump. It raised nearly $1.1 million (about 9.35 million kroner) from July to September. And that’s more than double that of Trump’s favorite, Kelly Chebaka. It raised $465,945 (less than four million kroner).

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Murkowski also states that she has more than $3.2 million (about 27.2 million kronor) in the bank to spend on the election campaign. This is more than ten times what it is in Tshibaka’s campaign account.

Republicans only need to win one new seat in the Senate and five seats in the House of Representatives to regain control of both houses.

solid grip

Trump continues to tighten his grip on the party nearly a year after the election defeat. He also continues to claim without any documentation that the elections were stolen from him, and appears to be asking other Republicans as well to support this claim.

Cheney is one of very few Republican elected officials who have continued to criticize Trump’s false claims about the election result. That made it one of the main targets of Trump’s attack.

However, she is one of the ten House Republicans who supported the Supreme Court case, and who received more than one collection. It raised $1.7 million (about 14.5 million kroner) between July and September. Her rival candidate, Trump-backed Harriet Hageman, did not officially enter the race until September 9. It has since raised $302,000 (about $2.6 million) by the end of the month. That means she collected about 100,000 per week, which is significantly less than Cheney’s.

In all, Cheney has $3.6 million (about $30.6 million) in Hagman’s account for $245,000 (about $2.1 million).

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– Historical

Many see this election as the first test of the battle between the Trump wing and the traditional Republicans. For example, Cheney’s father was then Vice President of George W. Bush.

Republican Senator Mitt Romney, Democratic Hollywood mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg, and the Political Action Committee have called on Trump’s former national security adviser, John Bolton, to be among Cheney’s donors.

“Cheney has had a historic amount of support because she swears to abide by the Constitution,” Cheney’s adviser, Amy Edmonds, told the newspaper. Casper Star Tribune.

Powerful tech investor Peter Thiel is among the donors to Cheney’s rival, Hagman.

“We know that Liz Cheney wants more money than she can spend, pooled in Washington, D.C., special interests in Northern Virginia, and founding politicians and Democrats who believe it is a useful tool,” Hageman said in a statement.

Trump has yet to offer his support for his rival candidates against the six other House Republicans, who voted to impeach him.

Elections in Virginia

Virginia’s governor’s election next month will also be a big test for Trump. There, Democratic Governor and former Governor Terry McAuliffe fights Republican challenger Glenn Youngkin. Both Trump and former President Barack Obama are now trying to campaign for their candidates, he writes Watchman.

Virginia was a state that Trump lost by 10 percentage points last year — especially because many Virginia state voters turned away from him. The governor’s election is now seen as a new test.

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For now, Youngkin is balancing hair pretty well. He does not want to be closely associated with Trump, both because Trump is mobilizing Democratic voters and because many moderate Republicans have little to no business with. Political analyst Bob Holsworth told the Washington Post that it would be a “disaster” for Youngkin if Trump actually held a campaign rally in the state.

“The more he shows up, the more he participates, the worse it gets for Youngkin,” Hollsworth said of Trump.