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Donald Trump, USA |  Donald Trump "frifunnet":

Donald Trump, USA | Donald Trump “frifunnet”:

This is how Donald Trump reacted to the “acquittal” of a stunt scandal that took place around the world.

NEW YORK (Netavision): It made minds boil, and President Donald Trump was met with outrage when exactly one year ago both tear gas and peppercorns were used against protesters who had gathered in the White House. Watch the video here:

They used tear gas and fired rubber bullets at the protesters so that Trump could get a photo opportunity, Nettavisen wrote at the time about the incident.

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He threatened to deploy the army

The tear gas incident came after Trump delivered a speech at the White House in which he described the violent demonstrations as “terrorism” while threatening to deploy the military.

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Then, President Trump moved through the park to the church, St. John’s Episcopal Church, which was partially damaged in a fire during Sunday’s rally.

– We have the best country in the world, Trump said to the press, holding in his hand the Bible, the pictures of which later spread all over the world.

Watch the event video here:

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Trump allegedly acted on purpose

Several critics at the time claimed that the Trump administration acted deliberately, that they made the police fire tear gas and use rubber bullets to drive out protesters so the president could get a picture of the church.

Tear gases were fired at peaceful protesters at the White House and rubber bullets were fired so Trump could have a photo opportunity at the church, CNN and Buzzfeed News wrote after the incident last year.

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The Archbishop: – We do not want Trump to speak on our behalf

Marianne Edgar Budd, Bishop of Washington, has also come out against Trump, reacting strongly to Trump by using the church for a photo opportunity, and without notifying her.

I don’t want Trump to speak on behalf of St. John. “All he said was incitement to violence,” the bishop told the Washington Post last year.

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Trump: – Totally disinfected

In a statement on Wednesday, Donald Trump now claims to have been “completely cleared” of all accusations he was exposed to in connection with the June 2 incident last year.

A new report shows that it was not the Trump administration, but the police themselves that made the decision to fire tear gas at the demonstrations. The background to the incident was that the US Park Police decided to use force against the protesters, because they would have put better security fences in front of Lafayette Park.

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Permission to use tear gas against protesters came from the Washington Metropolitan Police Department.

The reason for the demonstrators’ presence at the scene was the protests over the killing of George Floyd, who was killed by police during his arrest a week ago, on May 25 last year.

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Evidence does not support the claim

The Park Police (USPP) had already planned to clear the area and “began to implement an operational plan several hours before they learned of a possible presidential visit to the park.” Inspector General Mark Lee Greenblatt said in a statement about the report.

We determined that the evidence does not support the claim that the USPP cleared the park on June 1, 2020 so that President Trump could enter there, says Greenblatt.

More than half an hour passed after protesters were chased from the site using tear gas and peppercorns, until Trump walked over Lafayette Park and onto the church.

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I’ve said it all the time

In a statement on Wednesday, Trump wrote that after the FBI report was released, he is now “completely clean.”

Thanks to the Home Office Inspector General for the full and complete clearing of the Lafayette Park clean-up! Trump wrote in the statement.

– As we have said all along, which is confirmed today by the very detailed and professional written report. Then, it was the park police that made the decision to clear the park to get the contractor ready so they could erect security fences to protect against Antivas rebels, BLM extremist protesters and other violent protesters who are creating chaos and death in our cities, Trump wrote. continuous.

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– In this case, they tried to burn the church the day before to get them out of the area. Fortunately, we were there so we could prevent the fire from spreading from the basement – and it was a great honor and privilege for us to do so. And again, thanks to the inspector general, Trump wrote.


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