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Donald Trump, USA | Donald Trump poll

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North Carolina, USA (Netavisen): There are less than 200 days left until the presidential elections in the United States of America. President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are competing to win the American vote.

Now a recent CNN national poll shows Trump leading by six percentage points. In the poll, Trump received 49 percent of the votes, while Biden received 43 percent.

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It turns upside down

In addition, more voters are viewing the Trump presidency through rose-colored glasses. 55% of Americans now describe Trump's four years as president as successful, up from 41% in January 2021. Among the Republican base, 92% believe the Trump presidency has been a success.

In August 2017, when Trump had been president for just under a year, only 24% of Americans thought the Trump presidency had been successful so far.

Current President Joe Biden is suffering. 61% believe his presidency was a failure, compared to 57% in January 2022.

Participants responded in the time period from April 18 to April 23, 2024.

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Disappointing for Biden in swing states

Experts and commentators point to the economy. Voters associate Trump with a good economy before the pandemic, US expert Henrik Hildahl wrote in a commentary.

The economy is also very important to voters in critical swing states in this year's elections. in Opinion poll Since the beginning of April, with more than 4,000 participants, voters in the seven swing states have been clear that Trump is best suited to handle the American economy.

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Thus, participants in the states answered:

Donald Trump Joe Biden
Arizona 56 percent 30 percent
Georgia 56 percent 32 percent
Michigan 49 percent 38 percent
North Carolina 56 percent 33 percent


57 percent 33 percent
Pennsylvania 52 percent 35 percent
wisconsin 52 percent 40 percent

The same poll also showed Trump ahead by between two and eight percentage points in six out of seven swing states. A recent CBS poll in swing states like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania showed the presidential candidates fairly evenly matched.

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