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Donald Trump, USA |  Donald Trump's son on Trump's impeachment trial: – A political disaster

Donald Trump, USA | Donald Trump's son on Trump's impeachment trial: – A political disaster

NORTH CAROLINA (NETAVISN): Donald Trump is currently awaiting the jury's decision in the criminal case in New York. Meanwhile, his son Donald Trump Jr. Take to Tiktok to comment on the matter.

Donald Trump Jr. has previously been highly critical of Tiktok's relationship with China. He was afraid that Tiktok would turn on American children's cameras and microphones and listen to them at any time.

“This is something that could haunt your children forever,” he said in 2020, according to the report. NBC News.

Now the tube has a different sound.

“It took me a while to get here, but now we are here. We have to be where the youth are“says Donald Trump Jr.

– Joe Biden left because he is a disaster

Trump's son then continues the video by saying that the trial is politically motivated.

“The Democrats had a rally yesterday outside the courthouse and the only person who showed up was the 85-year-old famous actor Robert De Niro. I think he's not doing a good job as an actor anymore. All the other celebrities, Cardi B and The Rock, have left for Joe Biden because they realize “It's a disaster.”

Robert De Niro is 80 years old, about three years older than Trump.

-We'll write a few angry messages on Twitter

Donald Trump Jr. also posted a video with the main character himself. On the desk you'll find a bottle of Diet Coke, a bag of potato chips and Milk Duds.

“I'm here with your favorite boss. We write a few angry messages on Twitter. Why don't you read the last one? I think it's very funny,” the son asks his father.

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Watch the TikTok video here:

Donald Trump responds that he thinks he would rather publish it than read it. But he adds that he has noticed that the eldest son is doing well on the new platform.

“I heard my son is doing well on social media. I'm so proud,” Trump says in the video.

The video has been viewed more than 1.9 million times.

So far, the eldest son has posted three videos on Tiktok.