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Donald Trump, USA |  Robert De Niro vs. Trump: – He wants to destroy the world

Donald Trump, USA | Robert De Niro vs. Trump: – He wants to destroy the world

NORTH CAROLINA (NETAVISN): There are closing statements in Donald Trump's impeachment trial in New York on Tuesday. Outside the courtroom, star Robert De Niro stepped up.

– Donald Trump will not only destroy the city and the country, but he will eventually be able to destroy the world, says De Niro.

The press conference will be sponsored by the Biden campaign. De Niro mentions that he became one of Biden's supporters after Trump's last presidential term.

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-Leaving death and destruction behind

The famous actor strongly opposes the attack on Congress in the United States on January 6, 2021. Five people were killed, including a policeman.

– He left death and destruction behind him. “That's why I had to be involved and I wanted to be involved,” De Niro says.

He believes that the storming of Congress shows that Trump is using violence against everyone who stands in his way. De Niro points out that he himself avoids active participation.

– Do you think Trump hit anyone or received a hit? De Niro says he doesn't have blood on his hands, but instead directs the mob to do the dirty work for him.

Celebrities are surprised how evangelical Christians in the US can applaud him. De Niro calls Trump a sinner who bragged about sexual assault.

– Just two blocks from here, a jury found him liable for the sexual assault, De Niro said according to CNN.

At work for the Biden campaign in commercials

De Niro is also the voice of a new commercial for Biden and Kamala Harris.

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“From midnight tweets to drinking bleach, to tear gassing citizens and taking photos. We knew Trump was out of control when he was president, but he lost the 2020 election and it worked,” De Niro said in the ad.

CNN Reports indicate that the Biden campaign, after the end of the trial in New York, intends to intensify its campaign efforts.

Watch the commercial here:

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