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Donald Trump: – Warns: – Not as sharp as it used to be

Donald Trump: – Warns: – Not as sharp as it used to be

NEW YORK (Dagbladet): American voters have long responded in polls that they are concerned about President Joe Biden's age (81). But recently, Trump (77 years old) also gave several incoherent speeches in which names appeared confused and mixed up.

– I've said that before. Trump is not as sharp as he was in 2016. And he's not even as sharp as he was in 2020, Alyssa Farrah Griffin, Trump's former White House communications director, told CNN. The hill.

Chased by the FBI

The statement came after two other chaotic speeches by Trump during campaign events in North Carolina and Virginia over the weekend.

Tuesday is called Super Tuesday in the United States, when 16 states and one US territory will vote in the primaries. Trump is the most likely candidate to win the Republican Party's presidential nomination.

The audience fell silent

At one point, the audience fell silent when Trump, from the stage in Virginia, conflated Biden with former President Barack Obama. The statement came at a time when Trump spoke about the war in Ukraine. He himself claimed that he wanted to end the war.

– In his speech, Trump said that Putin disrespects Obama so much that he started throwing around the nuclear word The Independent.

US Supreme Court: Donald Trump wins

US Supreme Court: Donald Trump wins

Later in North Carolina, it was once again a ball for the former president. Despite reading the speech from the teleprompter, he stopped several times, seemed to have difficulty moving forward and stumbled over his words.

Meanwhile, Trump often mocks Biden for being too old and weak to be president.

trump card: During a campaign rally in South Carolina, Donald Trump was very clear about what he would do if a NATO country was attacked by Russia. Reporter: Edward Steinlund. Video: A.B
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– Confused

The Biden campaign quickly seized the opportunity to attack after Trump's speeches. They posted clips of the sermons with comments:

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– A confused Trump refers to himself in the third person while reading from a teleprompter, they write X.

They also point out that Trump claimed to have secured legislation for former soldiers. This legislation was passed while Obama was president in 2014.

according to Forbes Trump has conflated Biden and Obama at least seven times in recent months.

Trump himself tried to defend himself by saying that he “deliberately” mixed up the names to be sarcastic.

Dark plans

Dark plans

For one reason or another, it's not necessarily clear to voters that Donald Trump is not the strongest fighter Republicans can have right now, Griffin tells CNN.

– distinct

The former host is now the host of ABC's talk show “The View” and is one of several former Trump staffers who are now harshly critical of him. She believes Trump has never been particularly eloquent, but now “constantly” mixes up the names of prominent leaders.

– It is striking how little voters regard his age as an issue. He is only three and a half years younger than President Joe Biden. But there's something about the way they appear that's perceived very differently, Griffin says.

It also highlights Trump's statements during a campaign rally in February, where he apparently confused his Republican opponent, Nikki Haley, with former Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

– It's gotten worse. Didn't get better. Griffin says he's nowhere near as sharp as he was.

Biden also fiddled with names and statements. In February, private investigator Robert K. Hoare reported on Biden's handling of classified documents as an individual. Among other things, Hoare wrote of Biden as “a sympathetic, well-meaning old man with a bad memory.”

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He achieved his first victory

He achieved his first victory

Doubts about Biden

A recent survey from New York Times/Siena College It also showed that 73% of registered voters believe Biden is too old to be a very or somewhat effective president. This included 56 percent of Democratic voters. Only 43% of registered voters said the same about Trump.

Biden himself recently tried to joke about his age by claiming that what really matters is “how old your ideas are.”

She was shaken by the report: - Nightmare

She was shaken by the report: – Nightmare

-You should take a look at the other guy. “He's almost my age, but he can't even remember his wife's name,” Biden said when he appeared on the talk show “Late Night with Seth Meyers” last week, referring to how Trump apparently confused his wife with some things. A few days ago, Melania Trump with Mercedes Schlapp, wife of American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp, writing for The Hill.