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Don’t believe your eyes

Don’t believe your eyes

Couple Shannon Parker and Stetson Tyler from the United States believe they caught the legendary creature Bigfoot on camera while traveling by train through Colorado.

On Sunday, October 8, they took the train from Durango to Silverton. Shannon picked up the camera to help her husband search for deer in the area.

Suddenly, they saw something much more exciting.

I couldn’t believe it

-We looked for deer in the mountains, but my husband saw something we had never seen before. “It’s Bigfoot,” he says. Of everyone on the train, only we and the man next to us saw it, Shannon wrote in a Facebook post.

In the post below you can see video and photos of what the couple believes is Bigfoot.

“I don’t know about you, but we believe in Bigfoot now,” she concludes.

– At least two metres

Shannon says New York Post The creature is at least two meters long, or even longer.

-It looked like the creature we heard about in stories. It was camouflaged. In the middle of our video, you can see him bending down, says Shannon.

strange: This recording is causing great controversy on social media. Reporter: Janet N. in you. Video: YouTube
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Shannon’s Facebook post received a lot of engagement, from both skeptical and delighted people.

– What were you drinking?, someone writes in the comment field.

“There’s no doubt he’s a Sasquatch,” writes another.

legend Bigfootor Sasquatch, in other words, has skeptics and followers.

A monkey-like creature

Bigfoot has long been part of American folklore and myth, but many claim to have seen this much-talked about hairy creature.

In 2013, Bigfoot supporters held a press conference in Dallas, Texas, where they presented what they believed was evidence of Bigfoot’s existence.

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The group believed the video showed Bigfoot sleeping, and claimed the footage was taken in the Kentucky woods in 2005. It was not possible to know why it was a female version of a species whose existence no one has yet been able to confirm with certainty. It was revealed during the show.

Turn Bigfoot: – Without a doubt

Many, especially in North America, claim to have encountered this huge, hairy, ape-like figure standing on two legs.

According to most people who claim to have seen Bigfoot, they describe it as an ape-like creature 2-3 meters long with very large feet, hence its name, he writes. Wikipedia.