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Don’t forget this Sunday: The Epic Games Store is releasing two games for free

Don’t forget this Sunday: The Epic Games Store is releasing two games for free

Do not forget.

The Epic Games Store will release free games weekly in 2023.

Therefore, it allows its players to download GigaBash and Predecessor games for free from its online store. First of all, you have to pay attention to the offers so as not to miss any match.

First, it’s important to remember that this offer only lasts for one week and Thursday is the new free play day. Secondly, it is normal for us to republish this text several times, precisely so that our audience does not miss the show and you stay well informed. Surely many will find this text when it is already out of date and the display on Epic has changed – but it is the site’s duty to keep its readers up to date with this information. So, keep an eye out for offers from Epic Games and other stores to enjoy titles on your PC and other platforms (if possible).

This way you can stay connected and not miss any free games. You definitely don’t want to miss the opportunity to expand your eSports library. Undoubtedly, these offers do not only include older and more classic titles. There are, without a doubt, some new games that you can enjoy.

In fact, this is exactly why we leave the download links at the bottom of the text. Plus descriptions of the games so you know more about them. However, this is not enough. Therefore, we attach videos of the titles in the same text for you to watch. However, if that’s not enough, browse our links. This way you will find pages with other offers.

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Legendary Games Store. Image: Disclosure

Get to know the game: Claim your place as king among giants! GigaBash is a multiplayer brawler featuring giant kaiju movie-inspired monsters, massive heroes, devastating special attacks, and fully destructible environments.

Predecessor is a fast-paced Paragon-based action game that combines MOBA and FPS, putting you in the heart of the battle with strategic options, third-person control, and immersive action.

You can download it for free via From this link. And here. Once downloaded, it stays in your library forever.

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