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Windows 10 21H2 atualização Microsoft Windows 11

Don’t have Windows 11? Windows 10 21H2 Update Awaiting

Although the focus will be entirely on Windows 11, Microsoft has not abandoned Windows 10 and is actively working on updates and bug fixes. This is still an active and supported system, and it should be maintained that way.

Proof of this move is the latest news from Microsoft. The big Windows 10 update, called 21H2 or November Update, is finally available and can be installed by all users who have chosen to ignore Windows 11 for the time being.

The last major update of Windows 10 was expected for several days. Microsoft has been finalizing this version, preparing it for wide availability by all users who decided to stay in this version of the Microsoft system.

It is not an update that brings visual news and focuses on the security and stability of the system. There is new, of course, but it is far from the eyes of users, since more emphasis is placed on computers for companies and large structures.

Windows 10 21H2 Update Microsoft Windows 11

However, we can count on the 21H2 with support for Wi-Fi 6 protocols with Wi-Fi 3 Hash-to-Element Protected Access (WPA3 H2E), improvements in virtualization across Azure Virtual Desktops and even new management via group policies, with more options.

This is still an update that is distributed in a controlled manner and must be activated manually. It can be found under Windows 10 Settings, in the Update & Security area. They just need to select it and indicate that they want to install it.

Windows 10 21H2 Update Microsoft Windows 11

With this new version of 21H2, Microsoft is also opening a new cycle of updates in Windows 10. It aligns it with Windows 11 and thus becomes annual and unique, and becomes unique, with no specific presentation period yet.

With support guaranteed until October 14, 2025, Windows 10 still has a lot to offer users. This is not a massive update, but it does bring important news for users, who can keep their devices updated and secure.

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