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Don’t miss the Nintendo Direct dedicated to Super Mario Bros Wonder

Don’t miss the Nintendo Direct dedicated to Super Mario Bros Wonder

Several months after the announcement of Super Mario Bros. Wonder – which impressed us so much – Nintendo finally deigned to give us some new details. In fact, the company will host a Nintendo Direct dedicated to its next hit.

Still slated for release on October 20, it’s the next entry in Super Mario Bros. Ultimate. The tip of the nose will appear in a 15-minute presentation, on Thursday August 31, when it’s 3pm PST… that’s a few moments away.

And since it could not be otherwise, you can view it here on direct To the new Nintendo Direct dedicated to this new game:

Nintendo Direct starts at 3 p.m

For some time now, the company has adopted the custom of dedicating Nintendo Direct to a specific game or project. Super Mario Bros. Wonder is no exception to this new rule, as the title still has a lot to share with us. During the June conference, we saw some short but interesting pictures, presenting a new force. Mario will be able to transform into an elephant, just like the rest of his team.

As such, we will also find Yoshi’s presence, while the game world looks like Yoshi’s Island 2.0. The 2D and 3D graphics will have just convinced us. It all looks really epic, much to the chagrin of many other games scheduled for October. Plus new photos the way of playingWe should be entitled to a few words from the developers as is customary at Nintendo. To watch Nintendo Direct, bookmark this page and come back on August 31st when the video is available.

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