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Don’t we want to do more and better now?, asks Horta Osório about Salaries – Banking and Finance

Don’t we want to do more and better now?, asks Horta Osório about Salaries – Banking and Finance

“Don’t we want to do more and better now?” Horta asks Osorio about salaries

Antonio Horta Osorio was present at the “Banca do Futuro” conference, promoted by Negócios, on Thursday, having addressed the topics of correct accounts, salaries and economic growth.

Antonio Horta Osorio left an invitation for a “discussion” on salaries and highlighted the need to keep public accounts “balanced”, on Thursday, at the “Banks of the Future” conference organized by the Negosios family.

“We don’t want to do more and better now that the accounts are balanced and debts are falling,” the director asked, at the same time as he presented slides showing the rise in salaries in recent years in several European countries.

“We can have a discussion on how to improve the lives of Portuguese,” he added.

“The average salaries in the Czech Republic were 7,000, and now they are higher than Portugal at 17,000, Poland at 6,000 and now at 18,000. These countries showed that it is possible. This shows that it can be done.” He was an example of a manager. He added that Portugal “raised the average salary from 12,000 euros to 16,000 euros.”

Therefore, the director believes that Portuguese society must demand this discussion about salaries from the political class. He asked again: “Why don’t we demand a serious discussion for this to happen?” Speaking about the deficit and public debt, Antonio Horta Osorio stressed that it is necessary to have balanced public accounts, such as the governor. [Mário Centeno] “I just mentioned, as in any family or business.”

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“If we don’t have balanced public accounts, we have to take action, or someone will take care of it for us,” the director stated. Therefore, for the businessman, “all questions must be placed in the context of whether we have balanced accounts, as we should have at the level of every family and every company.”

António Horta Osorio was the “keynote speaker” during the event promoted by Negócios, having subjected his presentation to the topic “Economic Outlook for Portugal and the Eurozone”.