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Doping photos could expose Trump

Doping photos could expose Trump

In February, the American news website published Axios An article in which they discussed skepticism about allegations that Donald Trump tore up case documents and tried to flush them down the toilet while he was President of the United States. Post now Axios And the CNN Pictures to prove suspicion.

This alleged habit is discussed in an upcoming book by a New York Times journalist Maggie HabermannThe Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Shattering of America.

Habermann explains Twitter It recently received the photos in question, which it has now shared with Axios and CNN, from an unnamed source who worked in the Trump White House.

Super Witness: Donald Trump’s former assistant chief of staff, Cassidy Hutchinson, testifies at the hearing about the attack on Congress on January 6, 2021. Video: Associated Press
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There are unnamed White House employees who are said to have occasionally found pieces of paper blocking various toilets, and that they suspect Trump is the one who tried to fire them. Sources claim this should have happened multiple times in the White House and on at least two occasions on foreign trips.

Habermann informs The photo on the right shows a toilet in the White House, while the photo on the left was taken in connection with a trip abroad. Axios wrote that it was Trump’s calligraphy that appears on the pieces of paper in the photographs, and that Trump’s preferred ink was clearly what was used.

It was not widely known within the West Wing of the White House that Trump disposed of documents in this way, but some advisers were aware of the custom, says Haberman, who has covered Trump closely for a number of years.

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This was an extension of Trump’s habit of shredding documents that must be archived under the Presidential Records Act.

Uh! Ugh! During the closing speech, there are many voices coming from former President Donald Trump. Video: Reuters
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Possibly illegal

In the United States, it is illegal to destroy case documents under the Presidential Records Act. This legislation contains provisions to ensure that documents created or received by the President or Vice President are archived.

The purpose of this legislation is that documents must be preserved and made available at a later time.

Trump’s spokesman, Taylor Budovic, responded strongly in a statement to Axios.

You should be reasonably desperate to sell books if toilet bowl images of paper cut-outs are part of your promotion strategy. We know there are plenty of people out there willing to fabricate such stories to impress the press – press people willing to publish anything as long as it goes against Trump.

Photographer again: Barron Trump was photographed again for the first time in over a year. Video: AP
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Handling of documents

First time Axios And the CNN Suspicions were indicated, in February, shortly after the US National Library asked the Department of Justice to investigate Trump’s handling of public documents. This is a result of the investigation into the storming of Congress on January 6, 2021.

Shortly after I mentioned Washington Post Officials at the National Library suspected that Trump violated laws related to handling government documents.

Subsequently, the National Library received 15 boxes from Trump’s Florida residence, Mar-a-Lago, and then some of the contents could be identified as classified material.

fighting: On the morning of January 6, former President Donald Trump is said to have had a very heated phone conversation with then Vice President Mike Pence. Video: AP
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exchange words

When the suspicions were first mentioned, Trump sided strongly against Habermann.

Another misleading book written by a journalist who knows nothing about me. Maggot (English for Mark magazines. Note) Haberman wrote in the New York Times stories about my relationship with foreign heads of state, Trump wrote in a public statement.

Trump noted that Haberman wrote in his book that the former president told people that he kept in touch with regime leader Kim Jong Un in North Korea after leaving the White House.

– She claims that I am in contact with Kim Jong Un in North Korea, but I do not have any other leaders in the world. This is a mistake! Follow Trump.

in Twitter message Habermann replied as follows:

– The former president seems to confirm my information, that is, he told a number of people that he had been in contact with Kim Jong Un after he left the White House.