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Double Murder: - Found dead: - Very mysterious

Double Murder: – Found dead: – Very mysterious

A young woman was found dead in a Mercedes in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany, on Tuesday last week.

The parents of the car owner were the first to find the woman, and since it was dark and the car was locked, they assumed it was their daughter.

They alerted emergency services. The police officers who arrived at the scene also believed that it was the owner of the car who was lying dead in the back seat.

Not so.

According to several German media outlets, including Bild and RTL, an autopsy revealed that the deceased was an acquaintance of the car owner, but the two look very similar.

It could be a love drama

In German media, the murder is called “double mass murder”, and it was initially speculated whether the perpetrator had wronged the two women. This theory is now rejected in many German media outlets.

The owner of the car and a friend of hers were arrested and charged with premeditated murder or complicity in murder. According to RTL, it should be a love drama, where all the participants know each other. According to an acquaintance of the defendants, the two women were said to have been looking at the man now accused of murder, and “then things escalated.”

Shoots: The woman in the back seat takes off the handcuffs in the police car, then starts shooting. Reporter: Marte Nyløkken Helseth / Dagbladet TV.
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Bild also wrote that the car owner is suspected of trying to fake his own death, in an attempt to get away from his husband.

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call witnesses

Police spokesman Andreas Aich had previously referred to the murder as “extremely mysterious” and said investigators had “many, many pieces of the puzzle” that needed to be pieced together to get a comprehensive picture.

in press release The police in Bavaria published, on Monday afternoon, that the DNA tests returned, and confirmed that the deceased was a 23-year-old woman from Algeria, who was reported missing from her home in the Heilbronn region.

– In cooperation with the police in Heilbronn, an extensive investigation is underway in the circle surrounding the victim and the accused, who are now in custody, the police wrote.

They are also asking witnesses who were in the area where the car was found on Tuesday last week, and who may have seen a darkened car with Ingolstadt plates leaving the area, to contact the nearest police station.

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung wrote that none of those involved were related.