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Download, Play and How to Play FM 24 in Brazil

Download, Play and How to Play FM 24 in Brazil

Check out the announcement history and how to download Football Manager 2024 in Brazil

As the first half of the 2023/24 European football season gets underway, video game and virtual simulation fans are excited about the launch of… Football Manager 2024the latest version of the game series developed by it Interactive sports And distribute it Sega.

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Football Manager 2023 cover, famous FM - Image: Disclosure

Football Manager: Find out how to download FM 2023 for free on Amazon

Hey FM, as it is also known, is one of the most realistic and desirable football simulators in the gaming world. In this game, you face the role of a coach who can take charge of a club (or national team) from around the world, becoming responsible not only for the team’s tactics and formation, but also for recruitment, finance, training and finances. Even press interviews.

When is Football Manager 2024 released?

FM 24 does not have a specific release date yet. Last year, the game was released on November 8th, which suggests that the new version should also be published in the penultimate month of the year. Pre-sales for Football Manager have not yet begun.

How to download Football Manager 2024?

Due to conflicts regarding player and club licences, Football Manager has not been officially sold in Brazil since 2017. This does not mean that it is not possible to buy it OfficialBut this causes some difficulties – such as the product becoming more expensive due to the need to buy it in foreign currency, for example.

There are four commercial versions of FM: For PC, Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Switch.

How to download FM for PC?

The safest way to officially purchase Football Manager for PC is through a trusted seller. The most recommended is Marton storeWhich is suggested by most specialized sites that deliver the product via the Steam platform.

You can ask the seller to create a Steam account with the game or request to activate the game on your account. In the second option, in addition to being usually more expensive, it is necessary to grant access to your account so that the seller can enter the game and install it. Prices have not been revealed yet.

You can also buy directly through Steam – as well as through Epic Games, another similar platform – but then you’ll need to change your account to another country, using a VPN (“Virtual Private Network”, or “Virtual Private Network”).

In the case of Steam, you will still need to make a purchase in the new country to authenticate the change, and after purchasing FM, you will still need to make another game purchase before returning your account to Brazil. In Epic Games, you can only change countries every six months.

Finally, you can buy the game directly through the Football Manager website, but also just using a VPN. In all options, the game is completely legal, with a legitimate license, purchased and activated abroad.

The PC version is the most played, complete and traditional, with all the resources available.

How to buy Football Manager on Xbox, Playstation, Switch and Apple Arcade

There is less bureaucracy on consoles, although the release is considered less complete. For Game Pass subscribers X-BoxThe game is available for all accounts that are not configured for Brazil.

If your location is, it’s easy to change it: just go to settings and change the location from Brazil to the United States. You must restart the console or the application on your computer to update.

Now on PS Store, from Play Station, there is an account ban in Brazil that cannot be bypassed even with the use of a VPN. In this case, purchases can only be made if the profile is not linked to Brazil.

For those who have subscribed to Apple Arcade And you have an iPad, you can play Football Manager for free. And in the online store NintendoIt is possible to purchase even without using a VPN — the only problem is that the purchase must be made in dollars.

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