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Opel Kadett GSi Koenig

dramatic. Opel Kadett GSi “Bass” from Koenig Special offers for sale

Talking about Koenig’s creations is always what he talks about Adjust Old school. Who doesn’t remember Koenig F48 Special Offers, for example? The German hair groomer was one of the biggest names in the industry at the end of the last century and has a legacy that speaks for itself.

There are models and creations to suit all tastes, but always with a dramatic image that does not go unnoticed. Koenig never gave up on it. And the Opel Kadett GSi that we present to you here is the ultimate proof of that.

It is a 1987 version that is now for sale in Spain. You will certainly not find it difficult to find a new “homeland”, as it is estimated that there are only three copies in Spain and very few on the European continent.

In order not to lose: Koenig Specials F48 for sale is the Ferrari 348 that wanted to be an F40