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Drauzio Varela: ``We are seeing an outbreak of monkeypox, and Brazil is slowly reacting'' - Country

Drauzio Varela: “We are seeing an outbreak of monkeypox, and Brazil is slowly reacting” – Country

the doctor Draozio Varelaone of the first Brazilian oncologists, assessed that Brazil “reacts slowly” to prevent the progression of the monkeypox virus, known as “monkey pox”. In an interview with Globo News, this Saturday (30), a cancer doctor emphasized the need for Ministry of Health The “fight” to vaccinate the population against the disease.

Compare with the turbulent start of immunization against the Covid-19 pandemic: “We are in an epidemic situation and I think, for a change, we are reacting slowly.” This Friday (29), it was confirmed First death from monkeypox in the country.

On the previous day (28), the disease was recognized as an outbreak after 1,000 confirmed cases. All over the world, the number of cases is increasing rapidly. The Who is the [Organização Mundial da Saúde] It recognizes more than 20,000 cases spread in more than 75 countries so far,” the doctor emphasized.

Drauzio added that the virus had “always been around” but had not received due attention from health authorities due to European scientific understanding.

The fact is that this disease has always been present in Africa. He explained that there were outbreaks in the central part of the African continent, starting with the Congo River, where the Democratic Republic of the Congo is, the Central African Republic, the west of the continent, and in Nigeria in particular.

The doctor noted that although there are reports in these areas, they have different severity, with a mortality rate of 1% in Nigeria and 10% in the Congo Basin.

“It was always there, but science never cared, because the disease only affects blacks, and no one cares, no one thinks it is important for global health. It turns out that, in today’s world, when you have a virus that appears in an area, it spreads. Across the world, there is no way to stay confined,” he analyzed.

“And then the whites, in Europe, in the United States, start to get here. After that, the World Health Organization woke up to this threat, which is a serious threat,” he added, showing that Brazil has already reported more than a thousand cases in Only two months.

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He stressed the importance of immunization, which requires coordination to obtain vaccines, “We are in an epidemic situation and I think that, for a change, we are responding slowly.”


“Ministry [da Saúde] You must actively work to get the vaccine, which is a few of the vaccines that exist in the world. And as we have seen for Covid, our ministry is not very active in this area.

He concluded by saying, “It is important that we have a vaccine that the ministry is fighting against, and that the state uses all the international pressure it can get to obtain a vaccine against monkeypox.”

The device expected the arrival of fortifications until next September. However, Drauzio noted that from an epidemiological point of view, immediate immunization of people close to infected people would be ideal.

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