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Drinking affects brain size, which takes months to recover

Drinking affects brain size, which takes months to recover

Alcoholic drinks affect brain size (Photo: Carlos Vieira)

Whoever likes to drink something, let him throw the first stone at him. Alcoholic drinks And you’ve never Googled “how to cure a hangover?” Or “Home Remedy for a Hangover.” Well, the imbalance in the body caused by excessive alcohol consumption is also a concern for scientists. Recent research conducted by Stanford University in North America revealed that alcohol hangovers can make a person have to abstain from sex for seven to eight months (without consuming alcohol) to regain body thickness. Cerebral cortex.

“There is very limited information in the field of alcohol use disorder about how human brain structure recovers during long-term abstinence after treatment. Our study is the first to show “Significant recovery in cortical thickness in multiple areas in those seeking treatment for alcohol use disorder occurs during approximately six to seven months of abstinence.”

88 patients with problems related to excessive alcohol consumption, and 45 patients who did not consume drinks of this type, were analysed. They monitored the cortex in 34 different areas using MRI. After 7.3 months (approximately 215 days), 26 areas had already returned to their normal pre-binge state, while other areas showed very significant improvements.

“These findings support the adaptive and beneficial effects of sustained sobriety on brain structural recovery in people with substance use disorder. Alcohol“, wrote one of the researchers at the conclusion of the scientific work.

However, according to Stanford University research, there is no way to restore the thickness of the cerebral cortex without saying “see you later” at least to drinking alcohol for a few months. The answers to staying sane and continuing to drink are to enjoy drinks in moderation.

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According to data from Fiocruz, the cerebral cortex is the outer part of the brain, also called “gray matter.” It can range in size from 1 mm to 4 mm and is responsible for our ability to think, voluntary movement, language, judgment and perception.

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