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Drivers were surprised by the freight bills

Drivers were surprised by the freight bills

NS• Drivers of electric vehicles who are surprised at the amounts to be paid at charging stations. according to SIC News, In a particular case, more than half of the invoice amount is associated with the fee.

The controversy is the fact that when the driver loads the car, The operators charge two amounts: the energy saved per kilowatt-hour and the time it takes the vehicle to charge it..

In one case that had SIC access, the connector Pay more than 57 euros to gain independence Nearly 200 km, at a express service station on the A1 motorway, in Leiria.

“The trip I took in an electric car cost me a lot more than it would have cost me, in the worst case, if I had used a petrol and petrol car”said the driver.

The TV channel also questioned the main operators responsible for refills in Portugal – EDP, GALP and Ionity – to understand the rates charged and fees charged, but only EDP responded.

The electrician explained that “the values ​​vary according to the type of charge (normal or fast) and the place where it is carried out.” Regarding point-of-charge operator (OPC) fees, EDP only said that the prices are in line with those in other European markets and that they are still more competitive compared to diesel or petrol.

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