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Drone attack on Moscow – a clear message from Ukraine

Drone attack on Moscow – a clear message from Ukraine

Recently, residents of the Russian capital, Moscow, have lived the experience of war firsthand.

Several nights, many are awakened by drone attacks on the city. Last Friday, Russia reportedly stopped a Ukrainian drone over Moscow. The attacks have not yet resulted in deaths, but they have damaged many buildings and frightened residents in the capital.

The video posted on Telegram is supposed to show the devastation after the new drone attacks on Moscow, August 1. Video: Telegram. Correspondent: Vegard Krüger / Dagbladet TV.
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A spokesman for Ukraine’s Military Intelligence Service, Andriy Yusov, says Kyiv Post that the Russians should now expect “daily attacks” and that “security has become a distant word for Muscovites”.


– Perhaps this tendency leads the citizens of Moscow to some correct conclusions – whether or not they should believe Russian television and Russian propaganda, and whether or not they should continue to support the criminal regime, Yusov tells the newspaper.

Friday’s attack caused, among other things, the closure of Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport for a while. It appears to be something Ukrainians want, according to Yusov.

– As a result of Putin’s war against Ukraine, Ukrainians were deprived of the opportunity to use air transport. Our planes and airports are not working or broken. Today’s Muscovites, Yusov says, can feel something similar.

Earlier this week, Russian media reported that Norwegian footballer Matias Norman had left Moscow due to the drone attacks last week.

He must have left Russia

He must have left Russia

Russia has repeatedly described the Ukrainian attacks as terrorist. On August 2, Marija Zakharova, a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, came out strongly against the recent drone attacks on Moscow. She compared them to the September 11 attacks in the United States:

– It is not fair to compare these events in terms of the number of dead. We cannot help but see that the aim is to destroy civilian infrastructure, with its psychological effects, the spokeswoman said.

Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Russian foreign minister, responds after the drone attacks in Moscow. Video: Reuters
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Zakharova believes that the West is guilty of gross hypocrisy regarding these attacks on Russian soil.

– I remind you that such terrorist attacks are always condemned in the West – but only when they happen in the West. She emphasized that when it is implemented in other countries, such as Syria and Russia, there is not a single word of condolence or condemnation, stressing:

– But now the West has gone further.

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