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Drone inspections and the exclusive health unit try to stop the spread of dengue fever in SC |  Santa Catarina

Drone inspections and the exclusive health unit try to stop the spread of dengue fever in SC | Santa Catarina

The Secretary of State for Health is concerned about the dengue fever situation in Santa Catarina. Among the 295 municipalities, 119 infected with mosquitoes Aedes aegyptiWhich transmits the disease, according to the bulletin of the Epidemiological Surveillance Directorate (Dhus). Five cities record the level of the dengue fever epidemic. Drone inspections and overcrowding in health units also characterize the state of illness in the state.

drone control

at Criciúmathe city that registered Only the death of dengue fever in the state this year (see below), one of the focus of examination is swimming pools, especially those in abandoned properties.

Photo of a swimming pool in Criciúma by a drone – Photo: Reproduction / NSC . TV

The Civil Defense and Health Control received complaints. From there, representatives of these bodies go to places with drones, where it is difficult to enter the abandoned property. Using the footage, it is possible to check the real situation of the pool and, in this way, to produce the document that results in the owner’s assessment.

The Director of Civil Defense at the Ministry of Defense said, “We take pictures and collect the process and then the owner is notified. We have already filled a swimming pool due to lack of maintenance.” CriciúmaFred Gomez.

“The pool cover doesn’t work because, often, there are places where an adult mosquito can get into that environment and lay eggs which, over time, will hatch and turn into larvae,” explained the biologist from Health Watch. Criciúma Fernanda Martins.

Structure only for dengue fever Gorgeous

The structure was created only to treat dengue patients Gorgeous, in the west of the state, the city that has already declared a state of emergency due to the disease, according to Dave. The venue, which is downtown, serves about 100 people with a positive diagnosis per day, according to the city council.

Maravilha is in great demand in a room created to serve dengue patients

Instead, people can moisturize with a serum, receive medical advice and show up for tests, the city council explained. In addition to patients with a positive prognosis, the structure also serves asymptomatic people.

There are beds and armchairs in the hospital for those who can take the serum while sitting. The governorate explained that the family is not long. If the patient requires a longer stay, he is referred to the hospital.

Aedes aegypti females can live an average of 30 days. Photo: Cesar Vavacho/Personal Archive

Saint Joseph Hospital Gorgeous Eight people were hospitalized with dengue fever on Tuesday (22). One of them is in the intensive care unit (ICU).

Dengue case in SC

For other diseases transmitted by Aedes aegypti, chikungunya fever and Zika virus, there were no cases in Santa Catarina in 2022.

Dengue cases in SC by site of infection

Source: Sinan Online

According to Dive, at least two municipalities have declared a state of emergency due to the disease: Gorgeous And the cropin the western region.

Five cities with dengue epidemic level: BelmonteAnd the cropAnd the romlandiaAnd the Iporã do Oeste And the eta, all in the West. The World Health Organization (WHO) is considered an epidemic when there are more than 300 cases per 100,000 population.

Belmonte It has a rate of 7,522.1 cases per 100,000 residents and had 19.3% of dengue cases contracted within Santa Catarina in 2022, according to Dive. crop It has another 18.4% and Gorgeous13.6% of those diagnosed with the state.

High Committee map with Aedes aegypti mosquito-infested municipalities – Photo: Diving/Disclosure

Check below the list of municipalities considered to be infested with mosquitoes. That number is 10.2% higher than the same period last year, when 108 cities were affected, according to Dave.

List of municipalities in SC considered infested with the Aedes aegypti mosquito – Photo: clone / dive

Dive’s recommendation is that anyone showing symptoms should seek a health service.

The Directorate of Epidemiological Control issued guidelines to prevent the spread of mosquitoes:

  • Avoid using dishes on potted plants – if using, put sand on the rim;
  • Store the bottles with the neck facing down;
  • keep litter boxes covered;
  • Always keep water tanks closed, without any openings, especially water tanks;
  • Plants such as bromeliads should be avoided because they collect water;
  • chlorination of pool water and cleaning it once a week;
  • keep drains closed and unclogged;
  • clean animal food and water utensils at least once a week;
  • remove the water accumulated on the panels;
  • rinse at least once a week in rarely used toilets;
  • keep the toilet lid closed;
  • avoid accumulation of debris, as it can become a focus for dengue mosquitoes;
  • Report a possible Aedes aegypti outbreak to the Municipal Health Department;
  • If you have symptoms of dengue fever, chikungunya fever or Zika virus, find a health care unit

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