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Dropper – Health – Estado de Minas

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Shoulder pain may indicate something more serious.

Shoulder pain is the third most common complaint among physicians, after headaches and lower back pain. According to Gladson Gomez Godinho, an orthopedist at Vila da Serra Hospital who specializes in shoulder and elbow surgery, when the pain begins to affect sleep and routine activities, it means that it is being fixed in the diseased shoulder and the individual should seek a doctor to check it out. cause and initiate appropriate treatment. The doctor associates these symptoms with three main groups: fractures and dislocations (trauma), degenerative diseases of tendons and muscles, and arthritis of autoimmune origin. “Whatever the problem with the shoulder, treatment will be determined by the orthopedic surgeon according to the type and severity of the injury,” Gladson states.

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lung diseases

In Brazil, it is estimated that about 7 million people suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The Primary Care Respiratory Study and Research Group (Gepraps) is preparing for a COPD forum in which stakeholders (health professionals, medical societies, patient associations and health administrators) will discuss proposals for improving respiratory care. patients with this disease. The event is free and will take place on December 13th. Registration is available through the link:

Work environment
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Home office work environment

Working at home (home office) has brought some benefits, such as not having to commute from home to office and vice versa. However, countless employees still complain of aches, pains, and fatigue after a long day of working from home. According to Pamela Paz, CEO of John Richard, a premium office furniture company, choosing an environment in which to work is crucial. Therefore, defining a useful space for work makes the home office more efficient and productive. “It is essential to choose a place that does not have a lot of outside noise, such as the street, or where people need to pass a lot, such as the kitchen. Ideally, this environment should be as quiet as possible, as this will help with concentration.”

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Let’s talk about lupus?

The disease has come to the fore in recent weeks with the premiere of the Brazilian film “Depois do Universo” by Diego Freitas. According to rheumatologist Emily Figueiredo, lupus is an autoimmune disease, that is, the body produces antibodies that attack itself and the cause is not well understood. There are two types of lupus: cutaneous lupus, with its manifestations only on the skin, and systemic lupus erythematosus, which can affect the skin and internal organs. “If you have been diagnosed with lupus, my advice is to take good care of your disease from the start. If you follow the medical directions correctly, your chance of recovery is great. Take care of your physical and emotional life, they are both complementary,” says Emily.

Cleaning teeth
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The right way to brush your teeth

Brushing your teeth may seem like a simple habit to some, but there are many people who still doubt how to brush your teeth properly, for example, brushing your teeth hard and carelessly. Bruna Conde, a dental surgeon who specializes in bad breath and oral health, explains that brushing your teeth carelessly and with excessive force can cause a series of problems. This habit can push back the gums and expose the root. According to Bruna, the exposed part is sensitive to contact with certain foods and drinks and is more likely to develop cavities. “Therefore, it is recommended to perform brushing movements in a circular, smooth and personalized manner for each type of arc,” the professional comments.

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