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Drowning accident: - 16-year-old missing person found dead

Drowning accident: – 16-year-old missing person found dead

A diving team pulled a white SUV from a tank in California, USA, on Sunday evening.

In the car, they are said to have found the body of 16-year-old Kelly Rodney, according to reports Fox News And the NBC.

On Monday evening Norwegian time, police in Placer County confirmed that they had found a body they believed to be that of the missing sixteen-year-old. It’s reports News letters.

The car was pulled out of the water near a camping site in place districtRodney disappeared about two weeks ago.

It was not clear if the car belonged to the 16-year-old.

pulled out of the water

Authorities have not yet confirmed that Rodney was found in the car, but local police and the diving team that found the body claimed the 16-year-old was the one who was pulled out of the water.

– We’ve found Kelly Rodney. The family has been notified, writes the “Adventures With Purpose” dive team, which found Rodney Monday night.

Adventures with Purpose is a popular YouTube channel that helps in the search for missing persons.

On Monday, the police will hold a press conference to provide an update on the discovery.

Missing for a long time

Rodney disappeared from a party at a campground in Truckee, California, in the early morning hours of August 6.

Authorities have been conducting searches in the area for the past two weeks for the teenager, who was last seen on August 6 at an outdoor party with more than 300 people.

The police have a theory that Rodney may have been kidnapped, and are treating their investigation as a kidnapping case.

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US police are currently investigating how the vehicle got into the water, to get more clarity on the matter.

severe storm: Sestri Levante, Italy, was hit by a severe hailstorm. Video: Twitter. Reporter: Vigard Krueger.
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Mother’s last message

Lindsey Rodney Neiman, mother of the 16-year-old said: News letters The last message she received from her daughter said she planned to leave the party in 45 minutes and would be “straight home”.

I wrote that she should take care of herself and that I loved her. She replied: Well mom, I love you too.

About an hour passed before Rodney’s cell phone was shut off near the water in which it was said to have been found.

A spokesperson for the Placer County Sheriff’s Office said they are working to confirm the identity of the body and will hold a news conference in the next few hours.