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Drug poisoning is ranked # 2 on the ES Toxicology Help Center

Drug poisoning is ranked # 2 on the ES Toxicology Help Center

In times of pandemic, there is greater concern about self-medication, because the irrational use of drugs can lead to many health problems. Photo: Disclosure

With the arrival of the new Corona virus (Covid-19), there has been a significant increase in the use of drugs that have not been proven effective in preventing or controlling the disease. Many people are using drugs, without a scientific, clinical and epidemiological basis, to support the efficacy or benefit of so-called early treatment against Covid-19. With the exception of vaccines against vaccines, which have had an authorized emergency use by the National Health Supervision Agency (Anvisa), so far, scientific evidence indicates that there is no drug that prevents people from contracting the new Coronavirus.

It should be noted that the dangers arising from self-medication and indiscriminate drug use were remembered, last Wednesday (the fifth), with the National Day for the Rational Use of Medicines. The date was chosen to alert the population and remember damage to health, such as unwanted reactions, exacerbations of disease and serious poisoning.

According to the Director of State for Pharmaceutical Aid (Geaf), Maria José Sartorio, in times of pandemic, there is greater interest in self-medication, as the irrational use of drugs can lead to various health problems, such as drug poisoning and allergic reactions even bacterial resistance.

In Espírito Santo, according to the Center for Information and Help on Poisons (CIATox-ES) of the Health Secretariat (Sesa), drugs rank second in exposure / poisoning records. Drug accidents are more common in children, especially in the 1-4 year old group. In 2020, 80% of drug accidents were recorded in children up to the age of nine, with 13.4% specifically related to time of drug administration.

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According to the president of the Sesa Poison Prevention and Attention Center, Joanina Piqualho Valle, at CIATox-ES, to avoid cases of self-medication and poisoning, “One of the guidelines is to keep stored medicines in a safe place, out of children’s reach, as in locked cabinets. And not keeping expired medicines is also a precaution that must be followed. “

Medicines and health:

Safety in use: If you feel ill or suspect an adverse drug reaction, seek help from a doctor, pharmacist or health team.

Avoid self-medication: Using medications alone or without a health professional’s recommendation can be dangerous.

– Correct use: Use your medicines at the prescribed dose, at the correct times, at the correct time and in the appropriate manner;

Proper disposal and storage: Disposal of medicines at specific universities. Do not use expired medicines and avoid storing them in hot and humid places;

Clarify your suspicions: Don’t doubt how to use your medication. Always seek help from your doctor, pharmacist, or healthcare team.

To avoid medication administration errors it is important to follow five steps, click here and check.


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