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Drugs, alcohol and panic attacks.  Harry talks about the death of Diana

Drugs, alcohol and panic attacks. Harry talks about the death of Diana

a Prince Harry revealed, Thursday, May 20, that he had had panic attacks and ended up “drowning” his grief in alcohol for not being able to cope with the death of his mother, Princess Diana. The latter also admitted to the way he was lured into using drugs, all in a desperate attempt to soothe the immense pain he felt which he was unable to cure.

The 36-year-old Duke of Sussex opened his heart during an interview on the series on Apple TV +, in which he spoke about the trauma he suffered after Mrs. Dee’s death in a tragic car accident in August 1997.

“I was ready to drink, do drugs, and I was willing to try things that would make me feel less than I used to feel.”, I acknowledge. “ But slowly I realized I wouldn’t drink Monday through Friday, but I probably did the same [que beberia numa semana] On a Friday or Saturday night, “I saw myself drinking, not because I liked it, but because I was trying to hide something.”

Remember, Harry was almost 13 years old when he lost his mom. This also highlighted the incentive he received from his wife Meghan Markle to seek psychological help.

Panic attacks and the weight of your true posture

Today, Harry has moved away from the British royal family and the position he once held. It was exactly this time that he remembered him too, and he didn’t keep his best memories.

“Every time I put on a suit and tie and had a role or something to play, [eu pensava] let’s go. Even before I left the house I was sweating in my nightgown, and my heartbeat was … panic attacks and intense anxiety – From 28 to 32 my life was a nightmare“, reveal.

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From a prince’s point of view, people who have been affected in some way by the environment in which they live, if they do not handle the matter or judge it properly, they are likely to accuse the pressure in a number of ways.

In the same context, he expressed his regret that he did not receive the help he needed from his family: “I thought my family would help me, but every task, request, notice, whatever it was, was met with complete silence or neglect.”Points.

“Family members said to join the game, life would be easier, but there was still a lot of my mom inside of me. I feel out of order, but I’m still stuck there. The only way to get free is to tell the truth.”He later stated.

After attending therapy sessions for four years – something he never stopped doing – the interviewee was surprised to have needed help for so long. “I wasn’t in an environment where I was encouraged to speak up. It was almost like a crush.”

Remember that this new Prince Harry project, implemented in partnership with Oprah Winfrey, will also draw on testimonials from Lady Gaga and Glenn Close’s Oprahs.

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