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DTNO.1 DT99 Smart Watch, AMOLED screen with very light and full body

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There are characteristics prevailing in high-end equipment that low-cost products can never reach. But don’t worry, it’s important to measure what “never” means, because if we talk about DTNO.1 DT99, it has an AMOLED screen, connects via Bluetooth, blood pressure, ECG, and oxygen meter. It costs less than 30 euros.

The smartwatch is currently a recommended device for exercise, acting as an extension of the smartphone and eliminating the need to turn on the screen just to check notifications. Additionally, it offers advanced health monitoring features, sleep tracking, and inactivity alerts, providing the user with valuable information.

The new smart watch DTNO.1 DT99 It has just arrived on the market with a modern design and some features that set it apart, especially when we talk about a price of less than 30 euros.

Inside the box

The DT99 comes in a small box with a wireless charging dock, a quick instruction guide and a silicone strap, in the same color as the smartwatch's frame.

The box also indicates the application required to sync the smartphone with the smartwatch Wear Pro application.

The watch is available in black, champagne and silver.

Building and designing smart watches

The weight of the smartwatch is the first thing that stands out as soon as we pick it up. In general, the smartwatch has a significant weight, sometimes compared to a classic steel watch, but in the case of the DT99, the weight has been reduced to only 24 grams.

The case has an aluminum bezel and crown, with a good finish, and the back is made of plastic. The crown acts as a button, which is the only button on the smartwatch, and it performs a scrolling function when rotated.

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It has a 2.04-inch rectangular AMOLED screen, with a resolution of 368 x 448 pixels and a density of 326 ppi, which fits the Retina display concept. The screen is protected by G+F glass.

At the bottom, next to the wrist, there is magnetic technology for charging sensors and body monitoring. The band has a universal fit.

It is IP68 certified, so it can be used for activities in water, knowing that this resistance does not include salt water. If you are going to the beach, the best thing you can do is take off your watch.

Features of the DT99 smart watch

The DT99 smartwatch is packed with features, and lots of them. In addition to monitoring physical activities, it offers the possibility of measuring heart rate, blood oxygen levels, ECG and blood pressure, and also acts as an interface for the smartphone's virtual assistant. It is also possible using the watch to monitor sleep and count steps.

The data collected by this entry-level smartwatch is very similar to that collected by other smartwatches from reputable brands. However, the analysis is expected to not be consistent or reliable, for obvious reasons, but it still serves the purpose very well, considering the scope it falls into.

The same applies to information on monitoring physical activities, which is mostly only useful for those who want to get an idea of ​​the time invested in activities, as well as their frequency and progression.

Connection to the phone is via the Wear Pro app available for Android and iOS. All data collected by the watch is processed in the app. It also allows you to change faces and manage notifications that arrive on the watch.

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The DT99 has both a microphone and a speaker, and is ideal for answering loud calls, as it demonstrated great clarity on both speaker and microphone.


The watch contains a 260 mAh battery that fully charges in less than 4 hours. As for autonomy, the manufacturer states that it lasts 5 to 6 days in normal use. In our tests, which had more intense use on the first charge, the autonomy was around 3 days, with the display always on.

In the next charging cycle it was possible to reach 5 days of continuous use, with normal notifications, some short calls, reminders, sleep monitoring and two walking activities.


a DTNO.1 They continue to impress and create increasingly complete devices at a deeply discounted price, making us wonder how a product could be created and distributed for such value.

Once again, the DTNO.1 DT99 has shown that it has materials of decent quality, with an aluminum frame and against a more modest material at the back, such as plastic, it manages to be very light to the point of appearing as if it has just been used as a bracelet. It becomes very comfortable to use.

It is an excellent choice for those who need an extension of their smartphone, with a high-quality AMOLED display and, above all, always ready to show the time... because it is in fact a watch! Notification management works very well and you'll still be able to make great quality Bluetooth calls.

The WearPro app is quite complete, allowing you to manage all activities as well as manage the watch itself, including firmware updates. The watch offers 35 icons, including apps or features, which can be organized in different styles. Depending on your preferences, accessing applications can be easier (with multiple icons at once) or take longer (in the menu).

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It is true that for anyone looking for a watch that monitors every detail with great precision, this model will not be ideal. But for those who just want to have a good extension of their smartphone, a record of their hours of sleep, the minutes they trained during the week and their progress, this device undoubtedly meets these requirements.

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