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Duarte Gomez analyzes the refereeing of the match between Shakhtar and Porto

Duarte Gomez analyzes the refereeing of the match between Shakhtar and Porto

An expert talks about only one mistake made by David Massa in the Hamburg match

Davide Massa has been appointed by UEFA’s refereeing committee to oversee FC Porto’s first appearance in the Champions League group stage.

The Italian international traveled to Hamburg to manage the Portuguese team’s match against the Ukrainian team Shakthar Donetsk. Massa was assisted in the room by his compatriot Massimiliano Iratti, who is considered one of the best players in the VAR technique.

Below is a technical analysis of the most important moves relevant to the match:

3′ David Carmo He had a very cruel and neglectful approach towards Sikan. He received a fine penalty with the first yellow card of the match. An indisputable and indisputable decision administration Possible to rule across the Alps.

5′ He caught Sikan Joao Mario In an unsporting manner, without any possibility of competing for the ball/playing. He was well warned by Davide Massa.

This was a somewhat unusual but frenetic start to the match, with two yellow cards in the first five minutes and three goals in the first quarter of an hour.

8′ Great goal from Porto Clubopened the scoring at the Volksparkstadion: a shot from Andre Franco Defended forward by Riznik as he appeared Galen To withdraw successfully. The blue and white winger started from a legal position.

13′ Shakthar’s equalizer after Kelce’s winning header following an assist Konoplia (When the right defender crosses the ball is inside the field of play).

15′ Galen He intercepted Sikan’s poorly executed pass and collided with the Ukrainian goalkeeper’s face, taking advantage of the opportunity to score the second goal for the Portuguese team. Previously, there were some doubts about the connection between Joao Mario And Mirushi (the Tanzanian midfielder appears to have gone down too easily), but if there was an offense – and it did not appear to be the case – it could never be reviewed by the video referee, because in the meantime the ball remained in Shakthar’s possession. The new attack phase began there.

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31′ Stefanenko goes down Tarimi From behind and clearly negligently (he only targeted the opponent’s legs). He was well punished with a yellow card.

By this time, the Ukrainian national team felt the weight of defeat and showed anxiety and lack of discrimination in some methods.

44′ The problem with disciplinary standards is the ability to maintain them coherently and consistently throughout the match. It was this “helplessness” that became evident when Stefanenko lost time for the ball and stepped on his foot. Galen Carelessly. The show was really for a second yellow and subsequent red. Massa understood that it was unjustified or decided to ‘manage’ the situation depending on the way the match was going. Must not. Sometimes good faith conflicts with clarity of rules.

46′ Wendelalternating to try to receive the ball and handle it away Zubkov, inadvertently stepped on the Ukrainian player’s calf/achilles, temporarily injuring him. Contrary to what the contact shot might suggest, there was no carelessness on the part of the Porto player (that is, the Brazilian defender did not lack care or care in his approach). It was just an unfortunate and accidental connection. The referee only made a mistake when he pointed out Shakthar’s attacking foul.

53′ Taremi’s fall in the Shakthar area deserves technical analysis in two distinct parts and in chronological order: First, the Iranian striker caused contact with Nazarina’s left foot, throwing him off balance; In one second, because of that touch, the Ukrainian defender’s foot unintentionally touched the foot of the blue-and-white striker. The referee did very well when he considered that Nazarena had not committed an offense that could be punished with a penalty kick. If there is a mistake, it will always be first.

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54′ Good decision by David Massa when showing the yellow card Joao MarioAfter a negligent intervention on Sudakov.

75′ Konoplia brings down Galeino in a clearly unsportsmanlike manner. He’s been given fair warning.

Note 6 – Just an “administrative” error in a step that requires consistency