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Duarte Gomez recalls turbulent marriage proposal: 'I've been keeping the ring for about two months'

Duarte Gomez recalls turbulent marriage proposal: ‘I’ve been keeping the ring for about two months’

Duarte Gomez He was interviewed by a very special person on the Júlia Show: The Companion, Philippa Nascimento. In an intimate and comfortable conversation, the actor revealed his more personal side and recalled the marriage proposal that took place on the island of Madeira in April of this year.

The artist began by remembering the daunting task of finding the perfect engagement ring. “We were in confinement and it became impossible to buy the ring because everything was locked. I had to wait a long time in there. I had to try to find someone who could send me real pictures to see the ring, so I could see it live. The stores were closed and there I developed contacts and I have a lot of help in this regard”, He said.

Once the ring was found, Duarte Gomez had to choose a place to put it away, as his partner could not find it. “I’ve been saving the ring for about two months. I was looking for a place where I could keep the ring. I first thought of my sock drawer and boxers, but then I thought, ‘They steal socks sometimes, so it doesn’t make sense for me to be here.'” So I thought: “What What do you hate the most?” What you hate most is snow, so I hid the ring in my shoe on the snow., I confess.

However, on the way to Madeira, at the airport, the actor was afraid that the actress would find out about his plan to ask her to marry him. “On the way to Madeira, I was a bit nervous about the cabin bag because I had gone through this embarrassment of opening the bag and finding the ring… but I had it all on my mind. If by chance I had to open the bag, I would kneel here, I would say whatever I have to I say “”, to remember.

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“Actually, the bag is being x-rayed, I don’t know if it is called, and I went to the right side to inspect it and my heart: boom, boom, boom. I turned to the lady and asked, “But did something happen?” And she: “Don’t worry, That’s only because the image went black and I’m going to have to turn this on again. ‘I had so much fear’, I confess.

Watch the moment in the video above!