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DuckDuckGo launches a tool that limits the collection of information made by Android apps

The new DuckDuckGo tool limits the collection and usage of navigation information by apps on Android devices. The tool, called App Tracking Protection, or in the Portuguese version Global Privacy Control, wants to offer more protection against information tracking performed by apps than a similar function, which is included in the latest versions of Apple’s mobile operating system, which gives the user the option to restrict Information collection and transmission by applications installed on their devices.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Tool is not part of the Android operating system, nor is it available as a standalone app. Instead, it’s included in the free browser distributed by the company, but once connected, it works even if you’re not using the browser. In an article posted on the DuckDuckGo blogThe company says that the tool blocks “information tracking systems identified in other companies’ applications”.

Once you turn on the Global Privacy Control feature, it will work in the background, even when you are not actively using the browser. This tool detects when the app is about to send data to the tracking server and prevents it from doing so.

DuckDuckGo says that although the Global Privacy Control is not a VPN, the device will act as if it is connected to one. According to DuckDuckGo, this feature uses a VPN connection locally, which means that everything happens inside the device and nothing is passed to the outside. DuckDuckGo says it will continue to work to identify new tracking systems to keep this functionality up to date.

During internal testing, DuckDuckGo found that more than 96 percent of the most popular free apps for Android use activity-tracking features provided by third parties that are unknown to most users. The company also found that 87 percent of these apps send data to Google and 68 percent send data to Facebook.

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At the moment, the tool is in the beta testing phase, but you can join the waiting list and do not have to enter any information to register. To register, download DuckDuckGo Browser from the Google Play Store, click on “Settings” and then “Overall Privacy Control”. On the next screen you can sign up for the waiting list. DuckDuckGo says it’s rolling out the feature to more people each week.