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Duma leader begs to understand: Venezuela supports the Kremlin

Duma leader begs to understand: Venezuela supports the Kremlin

Duma asks the boss to understand
Venezuela supports the Kremlin

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Allies in Latin America with a government delegation. There he can expect approval with a description of the “task of creating peace”. Only for the militarization of the invasion, the leader of the Duma insists, the Ukrainians have nothing to fear.

During a speech to the Nicaraguan parliament, Russian President Vyacheslav Volodin defended the Russian invasion of Ukraine as a “peace-building operation.” Volodymyr told a special session of parliament in Managua on Thursday that it was aimed at preventing a humanitarian catastrophe and a full-scale war.

Volodin previously visited Cuba with representatives of the Russian government and met with President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Wednesday. A meeting with President Daniel Ortega is scheduled in Nicaragua. In the Central American parliament, the Kremlin repeated the story that the attack on the neighbor was aimed at maintaining peace. “The Ukrainian people do not need to be afraid of peacekeeping operations, because it only aids militarization,” Volodin said. Ukraine “must become an independent, democratic and peaceful state, and free itself from radical nationalist and anti-people ideology in order to promote the interests of the people.”

The United States will not enforce its sanctions, Volodin explained. “Washington wants to stop the growth of our states.” Along with Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba are Russia’s allies in Latin America. The United States has long imposed sanctions on its dictatorial and socialist governments.

Venezuela backed the Kremlin after invading Ukraine. The Socialist government in Caracas said in a statement on Thursday that “Venezuela is concerned about the worsening crisis in Ukraine and regrets NATO’s violation of the US – sponsored Minsk agreement.”

“Violation of the agreement violates international law and poses a serious threat to the Russian Federation, its territorial integrity and sovereignty,” President Nicolas Maduro said in a statement on Twitter. In doing so, the Venezuelan government largely followed Russia’s argument.

Venezuela and Russia have signed a number of cooperation agreements. In recent years, Russian soldiers have come to Venezuela from time to time for training and joint maneuvers.

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