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“During last year’s floods, we were left without a car.”

“During last year’s floods, we were left without a car.”

RIta Ferro Rodriguez published a new post on her Instagram page in which she revealed that she has chosen to work remotely, as recommended by the authorities. This is because it is recommended to avoid unnecessary travel due to bad weather conditions.

After bad experiences last year, he decided this time to care more.

Working from home because during last year’s floods we were left without a car… I don’t feel like living without the other car, which has a new battery yet (In the picture is not my house, I hope so),” he began writing, then left a reflection on the changes in some habits.

“I was just here thinking about it I only wear heels when I need to, Otherwise, these feet only fit sneakers, boots, slippers… anything that’s flat, comfortable, and scratch-resistant. Underwire bras and irons were also broadcast. (Why the hell have these torture machines been used for so long? I swear I don’t understand.) I find myself on the delicious path to accepting the power of “no.” Joanna Marquez sucks,” he recounted, identifying the “three a.m.” Renaissance artist.

“I don’t feel like it… I won’t. I stopped flirting with small talk and all kinds of things. I learned not to give my opinion on everything or anything. Read, listen, watch in silence.” (Especially when everyone is on tiptoe screaming) He is an asset. I return to my room when I feel my head burning from exhaustion. He added: “And I’m not even apologizing: I’m telling you, goodbye ladies and gentlemen, and here it is.”

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