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Dwayne Johnson, Joe Biden |  – It created a huge division.  It makes me sad

Dwayne Johnson, Joe Biden | – It created a huge division. It makes me sad

NORTH CAROLINA (NETAVISN): In 2020, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson decided to publicly support Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. This was the first time the famous actor used his famous character to support a presidential candidate.

-I thought it was the best decision for me then. I thought I was in a position where I could influence, and that my job was to use my influence and share with the people I would support, Johnson says in an interview with Fox.

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He has no intention of doing it again.

– It created a huge division. It makes me sad. He says: My goal is to unite the country.

He stressed that he will not support any candidate in these elections.

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Suffering from cancel culture

Johnson is not happy with the situation in the United States at the moment. The well-known actor and businessman also refers to cancel culture and “woke.” He believes that today it is important to be original, no matter how unpopular you may be.

– It bothers me. Either you become what you think others want you to be, or you become yourself. The real answer is important. This may make people upset or angry, and that's okay. It took time to understand this.

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He should not run for election

It has long been speculated whether Johnson will at some point attempt to move into the White House in the future. A poll conducted in 2021 showed that 46 percent of Americans would support his nomination. Johnson said at the time it would be an honor.

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Now he says he has no plans to run for president, now.

– I am not a politician. I prioritize my children, drive and pick them up from school. It is important. “I also feel like I don't know if this is the right choice right now,” he says.