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Pedro Martins

Dying Light 2 Stay Human begins its launch day and gameplay video

Producer Techland revealed new details about Dying Light 2 – which is now subtitled Stay Human – on a show that aired last night, and so is satisfying. What he promised. Among the new features are new gameplay and the long-awaited launch day.

In the more than thirty minutes that make up the first episode of “Dying 2 Know”, the studio provided details of the new hero, Aiden Caldwell, during a battle at a location known only as “The City”. This place is the last stronghold of humanity immersed in the “modern dark age” thanks to the threat of viruses.

As with the first Dying Light, the day and night cycle will also be an important part of the game in the sequel. Of course, the nights will be more dangerous and so will be the period when the viral critters will attack.

Caldwell will have a series of parkour skills to navigate the city and there will be several factions with which we can choose whom we want to ally with. However, the decisions you make during the adventure will permanently change the world.

You can watch the new video at the end of this news. It takes over seven minutes to show off gameplay in action. Episode 1 of “Dying 2 Know” is also shared, in case you didn’t watch more than thirty minutes into your presentation yesterday.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human will be published on December 7 and will have versions for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.