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Dying Light Platinum Edition is a complete and expensive bundle ready to supplement

Dying Light Platinum Edition is a complete and expensive bundle ready to supplement

Techland’s success story is even more remarkable than the quality of the titles it has released. With a few titles and franchises delivered by amazing trailers, and images of which aren’t always reflected in the final product, it seems that the developer has found a formula for success that has allowed her to take on bigger flights even after saying goodbye to the franchise that brought her. stardom.

Before that dying light, we had death island, the game that was presented at the beginning of the last decade with an amazing trailer and the promise of dismemberment mechanics that was not reflected in the end result. However, a sequel, and later on, spawned a whole new franchise, despite sharing the same rules and adding the use of parkour as a differential and central element in the gameplay.

This flexibility and creativity, as we say, is what got us here. A few months from launch death light 2The developer wants to bring players back to the first game in the series and offers something that, surprisingly, wasn’t available yet: a complete package with all the expansions and content released over the lifecycle of the first game in the franchise, and it’s coming to an end. It’s also a way of maximizing the perceived value of a game originally launched in 2015 which, while bumping into the material available, is a far cry from the amount of items in the work.

contact with Dying Light Platinum Edition It was crooked. After reviewing the game in 2015 – and not liking it very much – I had put it aside and never played it again, and the only communication with the title remaining was the constant ads for expansions and conversations with friends and contacts on social media, with many justifying the title’s shortcomings because it It seems very interesting if it is played between acquaintances.

Dying Light Platinum Edition comes with the base game and 22 additional content, including expansions for the main campaign, additional modes, skins, weapons, and crossovers with other perks (screenshot: Felipe Demartini / Canaltech)

It was also a showcase of the path the developer has taken so far, solving some of the problems of the original version of the game and taking advantage of the chaos factor that comes from the mix of highly skilled characters and a world without rules, which he dominated. by zombies. Evidence for this is that during the new experience, the boredom of the original objectives of the story remained, but the idea of ​​returning to the game to drive a buggy through undead-dominated terrain or use medieval armor to confront the head of monsters sparked an intriguing curiosity.

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a Platinum Edition from dying light It brings in total more than a dozen outfits, weapons, and vehicle packs, as well as two new game modes that slightly alter the dynamics of the central campaign. In it, there are also expansions that bring new quarantine areas to be explored, with the right to new missions, and adding to the story itself, with the right to the original map and everything. The first of these aspects certainly looks more attractive than the other.

Running is better than understanding

The connection to the whole package is, again, a confirmation of what was already commented extensively on the original version of dying light – Its world and gameplay are more interesting than the plot itself. It is a shame to see all the possibilities of the game, already noted there, and now it is clear from the amount of additional material, which is being transformed into a campaign that turns the player, in short, into a mission boy in the apocalypse .

Harran is a city under siege, in which a deadly virus is spreading. The few survivors are isolated, in tatters and torn between the hope of a rescue that seems unlikely or the freedom that a ruleless world brings where there is the certainty of imminent death. Zombies take over the streets, while humans take shelter in tall buildings and buildings, with the player skilled in the sport of parkour, knowing very well how to follow from point to point.

Dying Light’s plot remains the weakest point of the pack, with most expansions focusing on more fun alternatives to play (screenshot: Felipe Demartini/Canaltech)

And that’s exactly what he does. As long as you find factions fighting for power in the area or supplies that will ensure more survival, you will always go from point A to point B to locate an item, talk to someone, or rescue a character. Repeat this procedure for dozens of hours and you have a good summary of what the primary campaign is dying light.

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It is curious to note how, in Platinum EditionWe are a heavily armed doomsday mission boy, but he finds himself entangled in ridiculous missions that include, for example, bringing in herbs to make one of the survivors’ strongholds more fragrant. The heroes of this story are uninterested and so are their missions; Not even the sense of urgency of an impending bombing, seen as a government solution to containing the infection even if it results in the death of survivors, as an incentive for the user to become more involved in the plot.

Harran is a huge playing field and Techland’s focus on skins, weapons and vehicles proves it. As every good parkour practitioner knows, it’s not just about jumping from place to place, it’s about visualizing the track before the start of the race, planning where you’ll be climbing, which are the descent tracks, support points for the feet, like as well as his speed and jumping ability.

Dying Light’s open world is a playground with different vehicles, weapons, and skins that add items to scenarios full of possibilities and paths (screen capture: Felipe Demartini/Canaltec)

In the game, this aspect takes on new features when we receive a false jump in the middle of a crowd or when a piece of tile retracts with the weight of the hero, throwing us into a house that may contain valuables, an injured family or both. There are not always roofs or structures to escape from, but you can lure monsters to one side before moving to the other, taking advantage of the fact that the brain is one of the organs most affected by pollution.

Don’t assume that because you are faster, you are always one step ahead. This proves especially in the night moments, when ferocious beasts come out of the woodwork and attack with equal speed. The survivors are well aware that the death of the night hides the greatest horror dying light And it’s also time to use all the skills gained while the sun is shining – shields, special weapons and other items from expansions are providence, but you’ll still be at your mercy if you don’t know what you’re doing.

When it comes to setting, Hellraid’s add-ons are also noteworthy, with strong inspiration from medieval fantasy and first-person game classics, as well as content packs that bring in elements from other games, such as Rust e left 4 Dead, or inspired by famous films. Again, it’s add-ons that expand dying light Beyond its own history and showing where the game’s true strength lies, outside of its repetitive and boring campaign.

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refreshing memory

Announcement Dying Light Platinum Edition It came in the midst of a live broadcast that revealed big news about the sequel. The few seconds devoted to this release also show that Techland doesn’t seem to have any major intentions with the release, at best, with the goal of serving as an entry point for those tuned into the sequel.

It is worth noting, for example, the lack of improvements for the new generation consoles. dying light wheel, yes, on PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series X, but from their original versions for PS4 and Xbox One, while taking advantage of the additional capabilities of the platforms, but without any kind of development targeting them. It’s not a remaster at all, and between us, it’s complicated to even evaluate Platinum Edition as a re-release.

The package is very similar to a set of content, something that has been done before, but not completely. The dying light Platinum Edition It collects a total of 22 items in addition to the base game and, therefore, is sold at the full price of a new toy, with the producer believing that the quantity alone will be enough to give new life to an item that is, in some cases, already over five years old.

The Platinum version of Dying Light serves as a complete precursor to the sequel, but the lack of graphical improvements and the high price are hurdles (screenshot: Felipe Demartini/Canaltech)

On the PlayStation and Xbox digital stores, the bundle sells for an impressive R$329, while on PC the price is lower, but also scary: R$250. In the game, as of this writing, Platinum Edition from dying light Part of the Steam Summer Sale, with 75% off the original price.

You can’t recommend a package this size, motivated by a host of extras, for such a price. In case you are really interested dying lightIt pays to be quick to buy the bundle, in the promotion, or wait for a new discount opportunity to guarantee the game at a lower price. At full price, it’s best to invest in the sequel, which arrives in December and promises more focus on the story, as well as a more destructive and lawless world. Let’s hope the words that make it sound more interesting come true.

Dying Light Platinum Edition Now available for PC, Playstation 4 e Xbox One. No Canaltech, version analyzed on PC, in digital version kindly provided by Techland.

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