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Dynamo Dresdens Trainer Alexander Schmidt coacht an der Außenlinie. 

Dynamo Dresden advises coach Alexander Schmidt on his future after bankruptcy

Kiel / Dresden. Is Dynamo Dresden currently struggling for the 2nd Bundesliga and returning to League Three arbitrarily? Looking at the sober results of the last few weeks, after 6 defeats in the last 9 league games and eight bankruptcies in the last nine league games, it looks like now that coach Alexander Schmidt’s team is only one point ahead. Exit spot at table 16. SV just behind the Dresden team. With Djokovic unable to play against St Paul’s this weekend due to the high number of Corona cases on the team, the dynamo will definitely escape the international break outside the exit zone. Now good advice is very expensive.


There is more debate about Schmidt this Saturday than ever before. The friendly and initially very successful coach, having won only one after another in a game and now losing one after another – mostly unhappy – was very upset again after 1: 2pm on Friday at the hinge. In an online press conference after the defeat, he said: “It was a close game and we were 1-0 at the break. We had big plans for the second half as well. We constantly defend the perfect and put the pinbricks in the changing moments to reach the goal. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out the way we wanted it to. Two goals “really fell nowhere”, the coach struggled over the course of the game.

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Dynamo Dresden Holestein slipped further into the table, losing the crucial game 1: 2 on the hinge.


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The 53-year-old was very upset that he didn’t get any points in the end because the Dynamo had enough chances in front of the opposing goal to take a 2-0 lead and eventually win the second with a little more consistency. : “It sounds silly, but we did a lot of things right and never rewarded each other again.” Schmidt felt embarrassed by these words because he knew he had already used them many times. Marmot greets you every day.

When he thanked the approximately 400 Dresden fans who supported his team at Holstein Stadium, it was like saying goodbye: “I’m sorry we didn’t give you as many points as we could.” He did not insult the players: “I can beat it now, but of course the boys are very disappointed – the coaching staff and I in particular.” He could not answer whether he would be allowed to coach at Dresden after today’s crisis summit: “I do not know what will happen to me now. about this Dynamo Dresden.

Smith’s good friend, sports director Ralph Becker, now has to make a difficult decision. Leonberger has to weigh in with the teams to decide if one should deal with the crisis with or without Schmidt. Leaving a promotion coach who is popular not only with the team but also with the fans, there is no guarantee that his successor will turn the corner straight. Since Schmidt extended his contract by two years in the summer, his resignation would be a costly affair for an association that, like others, would be badly affected by the restrictions of the Corona period.

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