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Dziewa played the executioner again!  Football in the PLK final

Dziewa played the executioner again! Football in the PLK final

Quick response from Slaska Wroclaw in the Energy Basket League Final! Andrej Urlep’s players beat Legia 81:74 in Warsaw to take the lead again in the fight for the Polish Championship.

Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk

Legia Warsaw basketball player Mohammed-Ali Abdur-Rahman (c) and Silesia Wrocலாaw's Kerem Gander (L) and Evan Ramljack (b)

PAP / Leszek Szymański / Photo: Legia Warsaw basketball player Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahman (C) and Kerem Kanter (L) and Ivan Ramljak (P) Silesia Wrocław

“If I remember correctly, Alexander D’Siva would always like to compete with Legia, he’s our hangman,” said Wojciech Kominski, the coach of Legia after the first match of the final.

The same can be said after the third game of the final. Andrej Urlep started with Aleksander Dziewą on the bench, but he was the main one.

The strong winger began his concert as soon as he appeared on the dance floor. He collected 12 “points” in the first quarter, using 7 of 8 throws from the game before the break.

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Legia did their best to come back because they lost 39:46 in the second half. When a few “three” finally arrived, the hosts were able to take the lead! However, long shots became important. Even ages.

Andrzej Urleb took out a Joker, which turned out to be D’Mitric Tries. It completed important tasks, but the most important – to Silesia at 74:71 – belonged to Dzieva. It hit a hard throw with a foul. That was a decisive blow!

Legia players had some open attempts from a distance a moment ago, but on Sunday this weapon did not work – Legia players 6.75 behind the line 9/31 – 1/7 Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahman, 1/6 Robert Johnson and 1/5 Lucas Koszarek.

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Silesia won and took the second step towards the Polish Championship. Djiewa finally got 21 points – he used 8 of 11 shots from the game.

Match number four will take place on Tuesday, May 24 (20:40). Legia will be the host again. The competition is heading towards four wins.

Legia Warsaw – WKS ląsk Wrocław 74:81 (17:26, 22:20, 22:14, 13:21)

Brigade: Robert Johnson 20, Jura Schiffik 16, Raymond Cowells 16, Mohammed-Ali Abdur-Rahman 10, Darius Waika 7, Lucas Koszarek 3, Adam Kemp 2, Zakuk Sadovsky 0, Kreszki 0.

Silesia: Alexander DeSiva 21, Travis Tries 15, Kerem Conder 12, Yugos Colenda 9, D’Mitric Tries 7, Martins Mayers 6 (10 zb), Evan Ramljack 5 (10 zb), Cody Justice 4.

The level of competition: 2: 1 For WKS-u ąląsk Wrocław

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